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  1. the two star one seems to work, no north alignment needed - just point to first item and manually centre, it then picks the other item reasonably ok.. not sure whats slipping but this seems to be working better.
  2. I did the north alignment and made sure the scope was level- told it to go to Altair - but it seemed to be pointing to something random. The second one I selected was arcturus and that seemed to work after I had to swing the scope atleast 90 degrees to the left and lift up and around 45 degrees up to manually align Altair - help please ..
  3. thanks for the advice, i watched the video and was doing the right thing, however, the scopes first alignment is way off. I have to make big swings to correct it and then it seemed to track the second one ok.. Does that seem normal?
  4. I have the azgti WiFi mount and iPhone x will watch the video - thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, looking for your useful tips and advice here. I am going completely wrong with the synscan app. I dont think I even know how to operate the app to make the alignment function work - please can someone give step by step instructions as to how to place the scope and what to do with the app to make it work? many thanks
  6. Thanks for all good advice - 8mm bst seems to be the suggestion? What about the 8-24mm zoom lenses? Any thoughts on those? Is A Barlow any use and which would be best? i like the point an track suggestion, with all the grey clouds hanging over London all the time Jupiter and Saturn manage to peep through
  7. thanks for your responses! If the views are superb - I am prepared to spend a bit but has to cost less than the scope :) another issue i have is of alignment. I am in London and stars arent so visible really. However, i manage to point the scope to jupiter and normally it finds its way to saturn ( which are the two main in addition to the moon that are normally visible every night from my backyard/ Does that properly align the scope or I need to do star alignment as well? Any help and advice on alignment would be much appreciated, still new to this scope...
  8. Hi all - looking for some advice on eyepieces. I have seen beautiful views of Jupiter with its moons and Saturn and of course the moon. I have two extra 32mm and 10mm plossls but am looking for better lenses for planets which will show more detail? Which ones would you suggest? Many thanks in advance!
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