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Status Updates posted by Earl

  1. Living back in Ledbury.

    1. Coco


      Is that good? :)

    2. Earl


      has its plus points and negatives..... living with my mom so i can get to square 1 again....

  2. She is amazing :) thats whats on my mind.

  3. Its my fault i got a scope and down came the rain....

    1. nightfisher


      what did you get?

    2. Earl


      etx 125

  4. nice to view the moon and jupiter again and share it with someone who appreciates it too !!!

  5. Loyalty or new opportunities.....



  6. redundancy looming...

    1. Physopto


      Hope not for your sake as I see you have only just moved house. Bad time for it, ever really!


    2. kev


      Oh nuts!  I really hope not, been there, didnt enjoy it one bit.


  7. Moving house this Saturday


  8. Dome been serviced by a very nice man called Dave next week.

  9. Another 4 subss gathered, how long will this hold out !

  10. Well I managed 6 subs of a target i didnt really want to do, but what i wanted was behind trees..........

  11. its going to be clear, its oing to be cloudy, its going to be clear... round and round.,.... YAY

  12. why did i just put milk n my Earl GRey ....

    1. Uranium235


      Probably the same reason I went to put the kettle in the fridge, and the milk where the kettle should be!

    2. ronin


      For the UK I am probably about to infringe to Religion restrictions of SGL. All tea is yuck, pour it down the sink, with or without milk. Actually don't waste the time to make it. Guess who doesn't like tea ? :-))

  13. waiting for it to go dark and the clouds roll in .....

    1. Starcluster


      Yep just happened to me,, had the scope set up @ 7pm,was hoping to view Venus and jupiter with some new colour filters and yep ,,along came the clouds,,.Great british weather.

    2. Coco


      Happens here on the Irish Sea coast all the time, temp drops, pressure drops, clouds roll in. Have not had a session longer than 4 hours this year!

    3. Pleiades M45

      Pleiades M45

      This has happened to me for the past 2 weeks. Sunny during the day, clouds at night. I think this weekend may be the first in awhile i get to go out again.

  14. 5 mins round stars..........

  15. we have progress training focusmax

    1. Earl


      getting a reasonable v curve

  16. Focuser installed and motor now on. just need to get he scope on the mounts and get calibrating eveything once again,

  17. YAY customs paid focuser lands on Tuesday !!!

    1. Luke


      Wohoo! Have never regretted getting a better focuser. Whatcha ordered, Earl?

    2. Earl


      its a new style FT dedicated to the FSQ106.

  18. Focuser is in the UK according to USPS now let see Parcelfarce do their bit....

    1. faulksy


      did you get a feathertouch

  19. Feather Touch ordered.

    1. Luke


      Ooh, very nice. What scope's it for?

    2. Earl
    3. Pig


      Nice one Earl :-)

  20. managed 3 hours of subs last night yay

  21. Managed 2 subs !!!! BOOOOO

  22. Clear my Furry butt !

  23. imaging, and each time its a little more automated.

  24. OUCH Altinak in Blue !!! HUGE !!!

  25. starting my rgb run

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