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  1. Great report PJW!! Many amazing objects seen and enjoyed. I had an observing session 2 weeks ago, and checked out most of those objects ... except M103 is Cassiopeia. Living in northern Aus, we see quite a few northern goodies. We have similiar dobs too, Bella and debbie may be long lost cousins.
  2. That is excellent Paul, well done!! So wonderful introducing others to the night sky, and having them marvel at the objects shown. I love it. Will have to check where Lanzarote is??
  3. Flares can get pretty bright Drew. I have seen some beauties, up to about mag -7.
  4. Aiming to find and photograph Comet Encke last night, but cloud and fog were rolling in. A very muggy night with 95% humidity, but still 24 dg., a wee bit warm for winter.
  5. Well done all, sounds like it was a great shower for you guys up north. I had a bit of a look, and saw 3 Perseids only in a 50 min period, though one of htose was abeauty - slow and bright, and leaving a great train.
  6. Headed west from my town for an Astronomy Camp for the weekend, and had a great time observing lots of galaxies, globs, nebula etc, but also took quite a few pics. Apologies that focus is off on in a couple. Also pics of the 4 planets in our Western skies.
  7. Am sure there are lots of tours Mark, prob just google it, as dont know off hand. I live 4 hrs from Cairns, so our Astronomy Group are driving up with our scopes!! Good opportunity to come down under, though mid November will be dodgy weather as into the wet season.
  8. Its too tricky Southernman, I have been to the N.Hem a few times, and cant recognize anything except Orion and Scorpious. They are all upside down for some reason.
  9. Outside to take a few pics last night. The 4 planets looking stunning in the west, and especially Venus, Mars and Saturn in their little smiley face conjunction. Also had some firelies flitting about, and captured an image with them across the Southern Cross area (little streaks).
  10. Yes, Omega Centauri is certainly stunning, and is visible naked eye in my backyard!! Always a buzz when looking through a scope at it, and now 47 Tuc is arising - also a stunner!!
  11. Wow, I agree, fantastic image John .... the tails look excellent!!
  12. Oooh, good luck guys!! I live at 19' south, and have tried a few times to check out this great meteor shower, but still too northerly for me.
  13. Congrats on the additon of big Lurch, Talitha, and the scope dolly will make viewing a bit easier. Oooh, big mozzies are nasty, hopefully the rain and mozzie situation will settle soon so you can take Lurch out into the big outdoors for some of the real stuff. It will be amazing!!!!
  14. well done guys, looked like a great night, and loved the utube movie.
  15. Pretty good efforts in an hour, but is great having all those planets to check out in the west. Well done on the Iridum flare - always a bonus to see them.
  16. Well done Sneeka, some great objects seen and enjoyed. Havent seen M11 for ages, so will add to my list, thank you.
  17. Thank you guys, it was a wonderful night, and as you say Ron, its great observing with a good crew. Sharing the experience is so much better.
  18. No, it was very tricky, and was very small, but it was Neptune.
  19. Nice report Marc, with some lovely objects found. Would have thought M31 woulkd have jumped out at you, it is one amazing sight, even in binoculars. It was still too low when we observed last night, but will get it next time. Yes, Albireo is always beautiful.
  20. A great night was held at our viewing spot west of town, with a multitude of objects found. The skies stayed pretty clear, with only occasional cloud coming through, but a stiff wind blew it all away, nearly taking a viewing tarp with it, and my flimsy dewshield went aflying too. Quite a few short fast meteors were seen, but not many by me. We checked out a few objects, but mainly socialised until 1030pm when the Moon finally sunk behind the trees, and it got DARK!! 4 planets were aligned in the west, which made for a very interesting and pretty sight. I did snaggle a few pics, but was hard to fit them all in the image. While the Moon was up, we had checked a few sights in Saggitarius - lots of globs, and a few nebula. All got very confused with M20 and M8, and I'm still confused. One looked great, and the other a small blob. Much discussion was held, and Dave skewed his big Celestron to the right targets, and looks like we had it back to front. Checked a few of the usual suspects while waiting for the slow moving Moon to disappear. Once it was dark, we settled down for some serious observing. Checked out a few doubles, clusters, and various nebula. The Dumbbell was astonishing as usual, always a wow, the Helix was better than last week with the help of a nebula filter, and the beautiful Ring Nebula of course. The target for me for the night was the Veil Nebula in Cygnus. Settled scope on the area of 52 Cygni, and scanning general area... changed EPs ...nothing. Couple of other members found it, so had a look through theirs, and back to mine and there it was. Has been waiting for it to JUMP out at me, but was delicately there in the background. Popped in a UHC with some improvemnet, then a 0-111 which was better again. Took my time looking around, and more and more of the Veil came into view!! Beautiful, large wisps of twirling nebula, over a large area. Very nice indeed. Also checked out the North American Nebula which was also large, but seemed a lot fainter. Also checked out Uranus and Neptune, and all had a look at a very shimmery Jupiter. 7 planets for the night ... not bad. Other targets were conquered while waiting for Sculptor to rise, and then we were into it in the blink of an eye. What a treasure trove of galaxies!!!! We found about 6 in a matter of 30 minutes, which also included NGC 247 in nearby Cetus, which was discovered accidently. NGC 253, and NGC were absolutely stunning (and huge) as usual!!! We hadnt seen them for a long time, so were much appreciated!! It was 2am by this stage, and a few of us were getting weary, so a quick pack up (for me anyway as I just chuck everything in the car), and down the runway, swerving to avoid the wallabies ..... then back to Townsville.
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