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  1. Hi Olly, I'd been looking around at different scopes to fit somewhere in the focal length I was aiming for, that would be a 'reasonable' match for the HEQ5 in terms of weight. I know I'll need to tune the mount somewhat to get the best from it for a scope of this focal length. I'm happy with the camera I have, and also the mount (for the time being at least!) I had considered a newt, but these generally seem to a bit more difficult to balance with the imaging train hanging off to one side. And quite heavy. Also looked at something like a C8 edge. Longer focal length than the RC8, perhaps a similar weight though. Another refractor would be nice. Skywatcher 120 Esprit with a focal length of 840mm gives me an arcsecond per pixel, but starting to get expensive. And the OTA is almost 10kg. The RC8 is a longer focal length and means I'll need to bin 2x2. But... It's lighter and more compact, and should be easier to balance than a newt perhaps. Cheaper and lighter than a refractor. I got this one second hand for a good price, so if after a year or so it isn't a good fit for me, I'm sure I'll probably get most of my money back if I sell it on. Either way it'll be fun to try something a bit different than the little ED80 (which will still be getting lot's of use). Cheers, Matt
  2. Hi vlaiv, I've managed to find myself a used carbon fibre RC8! Cloudy nights for a while longer I suppose. Not got it yet, but it's totally standard with the factory focuser etc. I assume you upgraded the focuser on yours, and was wondering what you upgraded it to? Doesn't look like the standard focuser has a threaded attachment for the imaging train. Might be a while before I can upgrade the focuser, but it's always fun to make an upgrade list Matt
  3. Thanks vlaiv, I've seen some of the superb images you've produced with the RC8 and the HEQ5 which is one of the reasons I thought it might be the way forward. The belt mod might be on the todo list if I do get an RC8! Cheers, Matt
  4. Hi Graeme, From memory, my Tot RMS as reported by PHD2 varies between 0.8 and 1.5 depending on the night. To be honest, I've not spent much time fine tuning the the mount and polar alignment to improve the guiding as it's always been perfectly adequate for the ED80, but I appreciate a longer focal length would need much better guiding. I did look around at some of the newts, but they all looked to be quite heavy and probably more difficult to balance the shorter tube RC or cassegrain designs
  5. Hi all, I've currently got a Skywatcher ED80, HEQ5 and a ASI1600mm, set up in an 'obshedvatory'. I like doing the bigger nebula etc with the ED80 and the focal reducer, but I'd also like to fill the frame a bit more with some of the smaller galaxies. The ED80 will be staying, so I'd like a companion for it. Only having an HEQ5 limits me a bit to the weight of a new scope, so I've been looking at the CF RC8 as they seem quite light for the aperture. I appreciate that it can be a bit tricky to collimate these scopes (and I've never colimated a reflector before). Also I think I'd need to bin 2x2 with my ASI1600 with the pixel size. Otherwise I keep coming back to the RC8. Does anyone have any other suggestions of a scope that would fit the bill without spending a fortune? Matt
  6. evil_yoda

    Skywatcher 80ed Pro + ZWO

    Hi Nick, I use the ZWO 1600MM with the 80ED with the focal reducer, but before I used the focal reducer, I did need an extension tube. I think I used this one, which gave plenty of extra focus to play with. https://www.bresseruk.com/revelation-50mm-extension-tube-2.html Cheers, Matt
  7. evil_yoda

    Pixinsite communications

    I've contacted them a few times recently. They always respond, but it's usually in normal working hours. I think they're based in Spain though.
  8. evil_yoda

    Mosaic finished! 16h NGC7000+IC5067 SHO+LRGB

    That's stunning. Lovely colours. I'm just getting started with NB imaging, I'll be happy if I can ever get something even half as good as that!
  9. evil_yoda

    What do you think this is?

    Cosmic ray is only a wild guess. I did a timelapse of the night sky with my AS120MM when I first got it, and noticed on several of the frames there were very sharply defined streaks of exposed pixels, usually they were only 5 or so pixels long. I always assumed this might have been cosmic rays. The anomaly in you sub looks a bit different though so they might be different things. Interestingly though, I've never seen anything similar when using the ASI1600MM. Perhaps different chips react differently to these things.
  10. evil_yoda

    What do you think this is?

    Cosmic ray hitting the sensor square on?
  11. evil_yoda

    H-Alpha filter and the moon

    Wow, 400 hours! I doubt I'd see 400 hours worth of clear skies in 10 years around these parts
  12. evil_yoda

    H-Alpha filter and the moon

    Thanks. I think getting more data could end up being quite addictive. Nice to see the details come out and the noise start to lessen as more subs are added. Some colour subs next I think.
  13. evil_yoda

    H-Alpha filter and the moon

    Hi all, I finally got the 7nm Baader Ha filter and managed to get some subs at and around the full moon. This is my first go at narrowband imaging, but I was really impressed at the level of detail at full res, especially given the washed out state of the sky. Can't wait to try this at a new moon. This ended up being around 5 hrs of Ha, processed in pixinsight. Some of the subs were taken with a focal reducer and some without but seemed to stack ok without too many problems.
  14. evil_yoda

    Ed 80 not focusing hi

    Are you missing any extension tubes? I forgot mine once and had the same problem.
  15. evil_yoda

    ASI1600mm-Pro T2 extender removal!?

    Glad it helped. I keep the spacer in the rubber cap and use it as a kind of lens cap for the camera. I'll make extra sure not to do it up too tight in the future though! The last bits to get the spacing right for my focal reducer are arriving today (hopefully), so I'm looking forward to flat focused stars tonight too!

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