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    Geology and mineral collecting/fossil collecting/meteorite collecting Observing wildlife with particular interest in herpetology (reptiles and amphibians) and lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) and mycology (fungi) Aviation. Composing and playing my songs on my keyboard. Oh and I do a little bit of that astronomy thing!
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  1. Hi, I use the Skywatcher/Celestron 7ah Powertank. No problems with the cold with that, well, i dont operate well in the cold! but maybe if it is really cold it might have problems? what temperature was it when you were using it?
  2. I had my first observing session with my new scope a few nights ago, I am amazed I actually got it to work! I thouht there was another problem after i got the message alignment successful I got excited thinking all was good so i thought the next step was simply to search for an object, i decided to look at Mars, (not that impressive I should have looked at it back when it was brighter) hit plenet and then got some caution message, i was not going to give up again after 2 failed attempts to get it working so i just ignored it, and then i selected mars and it started slewing, and there was Mars! I have now read the online manual and it seems it is OK to ignore that message, i should be able to stop it by changing the CE (Cone Error) and NPE (Non-Perpendicular Error) values to zero. I noticed it does not beep like its supposed to once its located the object but it maybe the beep volume is turned right down so i will try and fix that although its not a major issue. I need to improve my centering as some of the objects were a little of centre, my next purchase will be a reticle eyepiece which i think will help greatly with getting the target dead centre (I am using up and right to centre it) but out of interest does that really make that much difference? Well I am happy i have got some use out of the scope now, after my catastrophe with the first one! the only thing that cut my observing session short was it was to cold! Cant wait until the nights get a little warmer!
  3. I think it is an alt-az mount, well FLO describe it as a AZ mount but i thought that is the same as an alt-az mount?
  4. Cheers yes I have put the date in that format, I am a little confused about the polar thing, does it need to be polar alligned to work, it does not mention that in the manual, i thought that only applied to EQ mounts?
  5. There has been older posts about this but I thought I would start a new one as it has been updated since the last post and I want to save someone the issue I have had when trying to set up their scope, also I found some of the replies to the previous questioins regarding entering the coordinates a little confusing , so to keep it short you should enter the latitude coordinates in degrees and minutes, if, like me you got your position from something like Google maps it will give you 2 sets of coordinates, one in this format 50.968361, -1.363110 and one like this 50°58'06.1"N 1°21'47.2"W, use the latter, you dont need to worry about the seconds, and you put in the longitude details first so it would be W 001°21 N 50°58. Well, I think that is correct, please can someone confirm that. i have not had chance to use mine yet becuase my first attempt was thwarted by some additional details I needed to add which was not mentioned in the manual and this is what i really wanted to make people aware off so they dont have the same problem I did, it does not mention in the manual you will have to also add your elevation (in meters), this is due to firmware update, i know it seems obvious really but I would like someone to confirm that I have put the right info in to avoid any issues when I next set it up, as i wasnt entire;ly sure how I should enter the info, my elevation is 16m so i have put this in as +0016m is that correct? Cheers
  6. Cheers, I suppose becuase of my current set up (and skill) I am restricted to these kind of shots but I dont mind as I also like widefield images, its how it appears as if you were were looking with your own eyes, although the truth is the comet was not as noticeable to the eyes as it appears in these images from my urban location. Now I have my star adventurer I am hoping my images will improve a little, at least i wont get trails! , who knows I might even have a crack at some DSO's and planets!
  7. A bit late and they are nothing special but these are my favourite images of my 17th comet
  8. Tbh i did not test it, not thoroughly at least, I did have a look through and I thought the image was not that good but i was observing from inside my flat looking at an object through an open window, perhaps the temperature difference played a part, although when I was alligning the finderscope the image looked fine (before I dropped it) its obviously broken there is a circular "crack" about the size of a 5p piece in the mirror I assumed that would have a detrimental effect on the quality, maybe I am wrong. I suppose now that i have 2 OTAs i can compare them thats the only way i would know if it really did have a negative affect. I have just attached the Rigel finder and it seems easier than I was expecting after reading some other posts where people ahve run into some kind of difficulties, i was certain if they had problems, I would also have trouble, but as far as I can tell its on and I just aligned it. The finder that came with the original OTA was a standard one with crosshairs, the new OTA has a red dot finder but as you know it would be fitted in an awkward position so I think the Rigel was the best choice. I just mounted it where the finder would be on the original one. I have never used that type of finder before, and I have to say I found it more simple than the ones with crosshairs! So now i think I am all ready to go, well now my next challange is getting it all polar aligned and set up with the hand controller, again this is all new to me as my only other telescope expierience is with my Orion Europa 150 and that was with worm gear. I am so looking forward to being able to just type in an object to look at and the telescope just finding it, or doing one of the night sky tours, It will take a bit of time i suppose but once I have figured it out hopefully it will become second nature!
  9. I agree, although it is the first time i have done something quite as catastrophic as that, I managed ok with my Orion 150 which is a bigger scope (maybe becuase it is bigger i had more to hold onto?) and so far i have managed to not drop my camera. I really hope that was a one off. The new OTA comes with a nice little carry bag which is good but of course that wont help when mounting/dismounting so I shall just have to be very careful.
  10. Cheers Billy, so its more a case of it being awkard rather than being unusable?
  11. Hello folks, it has been a long time since I have posted here, I have had a little break from observing but i treated myself to a new telescope the otjer day, a Skywatcher 127. its the forst scope I have with a motor drive but heres the thing, i feel very embarrased to say this but I never even goit to use it, i have this condition called dyspraxia which means sometimes i can be a bit of a cluts and as i just aligned the finder scope then decided to pack it away until the next clear night, as i removed it from the mount its just kind of came of a bit quicker and my stupid hands were not able to grab it, so it fell off and landed on the floor there is a small circulr fragment on the mirror, so its knackered ? But I am deteminded to get back into observing again and as the mount is still fine i decided i would just have to fork out for a new OTA, i thought it would be quite simple to do that but how wrong could i be, it seems that the Skwatcher 127 which comes as the OTA on its own the mounting bracket is in a different position so would put the findercope in an awkward psoition and i think it would be unueable, this was explained to me by the person at FLO. He advised the only way I could get around this is to get a different finderscope and suggested the Rigel one, whoich seems to fix onto the tube using sticky pads )I'm not sure how secure that would be but it cant be to bad or it would not sell i suppose) so i went ahead and ordered the OTA and finder, the OTA came today, the finder should be here tomorrow. fter reading anotjer post about the rigel i am noew concered I am going to run into difficulties attaching it to my scope, like is there a certain spot it has toi be attached to and if so how do i find it, if i attach the sticky thing and i put it in the wrong plce is it easlily removed and can be be reattached again after its been stuck on? I have a feeling I am really going to struggle with this but i'm not giving up now i have got the new OTA! also it came with a illuminated finder and a few lenses only cheapy ones, the finder is useless to me and i already have the lenses tyat came with the first OTA they are only cheapy basic ones but would they be of use to anyone?
  12. I couldn't even see it because of the moon, wind blew my tripod on when my new camera was attached, lucky no damage done. and then got caught in a sudden sharp shower, whoch blew over pretty quick but I had got home by then and determined it was not worth going back out for another look, not with the moon like that. I think the moon will be even more of a problem tomorrow morning and my vision may be a bit blurry by that time anyway!
  13. Nice pic, I saw them from Hampshire, I wonder if that was the furthest south they were seen on that date? Although they were very faint, only just detectable to the naked eye when it was at its strongest, but as my pictures show they were most definitely present! Makes me wonder how many other times aurora may have been seen from here even if it is just showing in digital images.
  14. A freind and myself went to a site about 15 miles away from where we live in the hope of seeing some aurora, we have observed it before in the early 2000's from the same locality. We got lucky even though the aurora was very faint and barely visible to the naked eye, it showed up clearly in our digital photos. These images are from my new camera, a bridge camera (Fuji finepix S9500) with ISO 400 and 30 second exposure time, I think I should have done a quicker exposure which may have show more detail. I hope I dont have to wait over 10 years for my next opportunity to see the northern lights! 20/12/2015 23:42UT 21/12/2015 00:06UT 21/12/2015 00:08UT
  15. Cheers, I' have played about adjusting some setting with the photo, I think the comet stands out a bit better now.
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