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  1. So I decided to sell my barelly used STC Astro Duo narrowband filter. Used 5 times, mind condition, not a single scratch. Price: 230£, located in serbia. Swap can come to the talk for a 12nm astronomik Ha filter. The filter is an apsc clip in style one.
  2. Hi everyone. At the end after a year I fixed it. I threw my bahtinov mask out and focused on small stars. No more red stars, no more red out of focus.
  3. I know a few people who got the Baader mod and they dont have that issue. It is really weird haha
  4. Hi, well no. And I had thoughts about that too, as I had the same red stars with the 50mm f1.8.
  5. First, sorry if I am posting this to the wrong place. So, I got a Samyang 135mm f2 lens last tear and since than I had problems. I use a Canon 1300D baader modified, an astronomik cls filter and an stc duo nb filter. For some reason, my R channel is always horribly out of focus while G and B are perfect. This gives me red stars always and even at f8 the problem is here. Does anyone have any tips or help to fix this? No, color calibrating does NOT help even a bit.
  6. Thanks everyone. I am new on this forum, I do AP for 2 years
  7. Here as my first post I present you this beauty - NGC7000. The image consists of two datasets one RGB and Ha The RGB was taken last year with my Canon 1300Da and Astronomik CLS filter. The "Ha" was taken this year with the same camera but with a STC Astro Duo Narrowbamd filter. The L layer from the STC image was exrracted and I added it to the RGB. RGB detail: Canon 1300Da + Samyang 135mm f2 + SkyWatcher Star Adventurer [162x60s/ISO1600/f2] STC detail: Canon 1300Da + Samyang 135mm f2 + SkyWatcher Star Adventurer [221x60s/ISO1600/f2] Edited in PixInsight.
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