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  1. Well I now have all I need to start observing apart from clear sky's. I am brand new to this and on a whim I bought a celestron astromaster 114eq complete with mount, all for £100. GREAT until the mount got smashed during delivery (thanks hermes). So I buy a new mount....... and I went for the eq3 pro mount....... ummm just short of £400. Along with new eyepieces telescope camera and a small laptop and power bank, my whim has now risen to near on £800, now I wait and wait and wait again for that sure to come clear night sky, can't wait to do my trial and error observations, expen
  2. I thank you all for your assistance in this guess its one of those practice makes perfect or near enough situations lol. As for the close enough comment Ed. I like that, I can do that...... I think Appreciate all the help everyone. Update will follow.
  3. It's the whole thing, can't seem to get my head around it
  4. Absolute newbie here. I have just purchased my first telescope a celestron 114eq, and a eq3 proscan goto and tracking mount. Well this 65 year old head of mine is well confused, just by the instructions for setting it up. I wonder if any members maybe able to help me here? I would like to join this club also but understand that because of covid 19 it is temporary closed. Regards Garry
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