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  1. I think I am going to go for the 10 x 50s just waiting for some money now!
  2. good suggestions. I guess the handheld thing is a good point. I do have a tripod but am unlikely to use it (not unless i can find the screw thing anyway!) perhaps I am aiming too big. Quite like the look of Helios Fieldmaster 10x50 Binocular dropping the overall size but not too much. Certainly kinder to my pockets (and by association my ears!)
  3. Sometimes councils do listen. Here is my experience. http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/103053-my-new-friend.html
  4. Looking to augment my scopes with some (Like everyting in my life) cheap bins. I like the look of the celestron 15 x 70s but these seem in short supply at the moment. Ideally i want to spend around 70 squid for a set of bins that would be mainly handheld and also used for non astro purposes. Any suggestions?
  5. Dont worry Roy, you are seeing the secondary mirror. For some reason you can during the day! In normal use you wont see it at all. Clear skies
  6. I am all googled out now and the only route is to ask! I am looking at getting a powertank for my Synscan and clock drive on the EQ5. The synscan is easy as it will run from the 12v cigar output. The clock drive.... in theory should run from the 6V DC output so kindly provided... the question is, where in sam hill do i find the cable for this! I dont want to splurge on a tank and then find that i cant use it for want of a cable.
  7. It was an ad-hoc evening out last night, I Haven't had much time with the scope and weather and shifts are playing against me. The only real target I set myself given the nearly full moon was some planet spotting. Setup was easy and i made the effort to polar even though i didnt intend to image. It seems a good habit and I need the practice. Jupiter soon came into view and with plenty of running in and out of the house between scope and stellarium i worked out where Uranus should be. I was pretty sure I had it and higher power revealed a definite disc, quite different from the point of a star. It wasn't particularly coloured for me (though my night vision WAS shot by then) but was almost a very washed out blue. I then ran to the patio doors. Pointed to me, my eyes, the wife and my backside... She got the message! Its probably the most overwhelming site of an underwhelming object that I have had so far! Just to cap the decision to align I then went back to Jupiter and tried some imaging. Guess what I am off to do now?
  8. Excellent answers, i'd rather not throw good money after bad so although a no may seem bad then it really isnt. (It also stops me from being tempted )
  9. OK. As always when bored I start thinking about astronomy and spending money. Todays pointless question is this... Given the kit in my siggy is there a refractor or cassegrain to be used for planetary work that would Retail for sub 150GBP OTA only Give a better planetary image than my 200 or 130 reflectors Improve imaging ability/ quality with my 900nc Of course the pointless questions are the ones that end up costing me money
  10. Outstanding. Its nice to see the tea-making priorities in place too!
  11. Hmmm glad i am not being paranoid. Time to invest in a cheap tarp for those showery but otherwise clear nights. Thanks peeps
  12. I was set up and waiting for Jupiter to come into view yesterday as clear skies were forecast and seemed to be happening. Then i heard the unmistakeable patter of a first few raindrops and whipped all the kit back in. This leads me to my stupid question. Given that Dew etc attack out scopes and equipment all the time is rain actually something to be avoided or could i have just capped it up and bought in the electrical bits? I actually feel a little embarrassed asking this as to me it seems a no brainer to bring in the scope and mount out of the rain...but am i being overly protective?
  13. Meade Series 5000 20mm 1.25 inch Eyepiece SWA 07665 on eBay (end time 06-Oct-10 20:24:29 BST) was pointed out to me. Its in your budget and the UK retaillers sell em for close to 180 quid
  14. Just looked at the UK price in Harrisons. This money had better turn up soon..... Me need BUY!
  15. Hmmm Quality of Televue vs 72deg FOV.... Now I have a dilemma. Its probably going to be a low power EP (and i kow 60 quid isnt a lot in quality terms but it is as much as I paid for a set of 4 with filters and case!) I am considering a low power on probably a 25mm Or is there a bit of essential kit I am missing from my lineup... What is the opinion of these. For some reason I am convinced i would like a 2" EP. Is they worth it or am I just being size addicted?
  16. I have come into an unexpected £60 languishing in my Paypal account. I fancy a nice Wideangle 2" EP. If YOU had £60 to spend on an EP what would it be? Alternativly if you can think of something better for my kit (listed in the sig) please suggest it! Its that or use it to pay the leccy bill, and who needs those nasty lights anyway! (I reserve the right for this thread to be completely hypothetical and purely fun!)
  17. As I have very similar kit i just got rather excited!
  18. Just got in from work and a very familiar pattern caught my eye. ORION IN THE EASTERN SKY. Excuse my bit of sillyness but its so nice to see a familiar face I wish i wasn't in need of sleep so much as the skies look lovely and clear. Its a strange feeling looking forward to winter. I am buzzing now, how can a chance alignment of stars stir me so greatly? Seriously lump in the throat!
  19. Excellent. I have been seeing the great red spot and wondering why it didnt match with stellarium... I feel chuffed now, how weird is that!
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