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  1. Wanted: Quality 31mm unmounted SII filter, and 31mm LRGB set Looking to purchase a 31mm unmounted SII filter, ideally Antlia 3.5nm or Astronomic 6nm but happy to consider any brand providing filter in in unmarked and excellent condition. Also wish to purchase a 31mm unmounted set of LRGB filters, ideally Astronomik or Optolong.
  2. Those are really interesting posts on the Dutch forum, Nicolàs, concerning your research on the ZWO halo and light leakage issues on the earlier filter versions. I'm going to hold out for a bit longer and see if any complete sets of Astonomic/Baader or similar become available out there. Thanks for your really helpful posts here.
  3. Thanks, inFINNity Deck, but I've decided to steer clear of those Mk 1 ZWO broadband filters for the issue you mentioned and also some reports of light leakage issues due to the coating on some batches not reaching the edge of the filter. Great price, though - I would think you'll have no problem selling them if you post on the For Sale forum here.
  4. Looking to purchase a ZWO EFW ELectronic Filter Wheel - needs to be either 7 or 8 position accepting 31mm unmounted or 36mm unmounted filters. Also looking for x2 sets of filters to populate, LRGB and Ha, SII and OIII, ditto either 31mm or 36mm unmounted, in excellent condition. Ideally Astronomic or Baader but happy to consider any combo of the above. Cheers and clear skies (eventually!)
  5. Just to confirm that due to a very unfortunate family situation I've had to withdraw from purchasing Peter's equipment, so the items are still for sale. This is absolutely nothing to do with Peter's side of things and he has been a pleasure to deal with. Good luck and clear skies to whoever purchases this gear - it's a really good set-up at a good price.
  6. Looking to purchase A Skywatcher AZ-GTI head - needs to be in excellent condition. Also need the Mount extension pillar so happy to consider the head plus the matching mount and triopod for the right price. Many thanks.
  7. Looking to purchase a Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Mk IV eyepiece, preferably with the matching Baader 2.25x Barlow. Many thanks.
  8. So much good advice - thanks to all. Lots to think about. Carole - your website is amazing - so much useful information for beginners and experts alike - https://sites.google.com/site/caroleastroimaging/home
  9. Sninnypuppy71 - yes, know what you mean about 800 squids (+) for a glorified tripod - especially one that leaps around of it's own accord! And yes, good build quality for glass and pride of ownership. Although the price of of the Sony GM lenses make a lot of telescopes look cheap! Considering selling my soul to get some astro gear at this point since not much else left. I've got a bad demographic regarding potential Covid mortality so hoping the distraction of a major new interest in something I can do alone if needed will help with morale and mood, without necessarily turning into a hermit! W
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