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  1. I guess squinting through the view finder it is
  2. The only reason I am going for the 350D is because it is a camera I already have and means that it is not another purchase I have to make when I am just starting out with astrophotography.
  3. Clear skies, be sure to post some of the images you get when you have chance to take it out. Ryan
  4. Hi there, I recently posted a thread getting ideas for what scope and mount I should get for beginner astrophotography. After researching on my own and getting thoughts from others on scopes and mounts here is what I have come up with. Mount - Skywatcher EQ5 GOTO Scope - Sky-Satcher Explorer 130P-DS Guide Scope - Skywatcher Evoguide ED50 Guide Camera - ZWO ASI120MM Mini DSLR - Canon 350D I understand that the camera I am using is fairly old but it is an old DSLR that I have at home and it saves me money on buying a new camera. All in all this setup comes
  5. As far as I can remember we never managed to align the mount correctly and only used it for some Lunar imaging and recording which came out pretty well and I was pleased with it. However, I'm starting to think I might just have to get a better mount and upgrade the scope while I'm at it. Ryan
  6. My time zone is set at 0, I'm from UK. When entering coordinates I make sure to enter the 0's. With both alignments you are correct but the scope when slewing to the second alignment star wants to go past 90 degrees vertically. Ryan
  7. Hi there, For lat/long I enter 3 12 W, 52 54 N, time I enter the exact time on my phone and likewise with the date in american format. I also have set daylight saving to yes. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  8. No matter whether I use 8AA batteries or the 12V 1A DC power supplly I get the same result I hav1e also tired a factory reset to no avail.
  9. So in your opinion is the jump in quality between the NEQ6 and the HEQ6 worth the extra £200?
  10. I’m not sure how into it I would be as I quite like viewing the objects with the telescope but thank you for the suggestion though
  11. Sorry if this is obvious but what is the difference between the mounts as you increase in price. I know that they are better but in what aspects?
  12. What is the voltage and current on the power supply that you are currently using, thanks ever so much.
  13. I am using a 12 v 1 A dc power supply with positive tip and I have triple checked that I have entered the correct coordinates along with the date and time.
  14. I have tried both methods with the same result - the scope trying to go past 90 degrees
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