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  1. Okay perfect, thanks so much for your help! Those images are absolutely incredible... Looking forward to sticking with this community for the long run! Can't thank you enough, Kind regards, Andrew
  2. Thank you so much for your response! Some forums can be really hard to get good information out of, especially being new, so thanks so much for your help! You've answered pretty much everything I could've asked for! So ultimately I'd be looking at the Celestron 6SE, and also a 'camera eyepiece' thingo which you have linked above? But also like you said, I also would want a T ring for the lunar photography, and just another question, I was watching videos last night using this telescope, is it a good option to purchase a focal reducer for lunar photography? I was watching videos on how they would be awesome for like you said 'full moon shots' instead of close ups, or is there a better option? So from my understanding, obviously for the planetary photography the stacking and eyepiece cameras are the best option, without a doubt. However for the moon, would the stacking software and camera eyepiece be the better option for close up lunar too? then DSLR with a T ring and or (focal reducer) if I have the right idea, for further away shots? Thank you so much to the both of you for your replies! Andrew
  3. Hi guys! My name is Andrew, I only just stumbled across these forums just now! Couldn’t have come across a better community to help me with some questions I have! So I’ve Come to the conclusion that I’m going to be buying a Celestron Nexstar 6SE telescope everything about it appeals to me. I currently own a much older manual celestron telescope and am ready for my first proper telescope! I do plenty of photography and own a DSLR and am aware that with this telescope that it comes with a software that will record video of what you’re gazing at and stack the images if I’m correct? because I’m familiar with normal photography and not so much with Astro photography I was wondering if anyone could help me out. For the stocking software, is that all the process completed within the telescope and no DSLR? Or is that recorded with the DSL are and then the software stacks? What kind of adapters would I need to be getting into AP? By the way I’m looking at mainly photographing the moon and hopefully get some awesome shots of the other planets too! not so much deep AP, as from my research I’ve gathered that this isn’t the greatest for it... anyways. Is it better to use a DSLR and an adapter on the eyepiece for imaging? Or the stacking and what would I need for best result stacking images, especially of planets like Saturn and Jupiter?! Are the individual eyepiece attachments you buy for the telescope, cameras in themselves? What is aci? I’ve got no clue! Haha a lot to learn! I thought I was on the right track looking by myself for equipment and I came across the 10MP celestron Neximage eyepiece or whatever it is? I’m not entirely sure? And also what is a T ring? Is that a Dslr adapter? Does the stacking software come with the telescope or with additional purchases?! Sorry for the bombardment of questions! Obviously I’m very excited to get going and am very keen on getting some equipment! Any answers are much appreciated! Have a great day! Andrew
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