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  1. Thanks for all the replies chaps, I’ve sent it back and asked for a replacement
  2. Thanks for that Magnus, I’m definitely leaning that way.
  3. Thanks for the reply John...I tried this but no change, it’s as though whatever moves the Focuser is not meshed correctly?
  4. Hi All, Is their any way to adjust the backlash (5-6 turns) on the focus knob on the Skymax 127, it is a brand new scope so I’m on the brink of returning it unless there is an easy fix or I’m missing something. TIA.
  5. Thanks for the reply and thoughts Gus, I’ll try that out
  6. Second night out with the Celestron Nexstar 130 and Skyris 236c, iCap imaging software... Why am I getting an image of the scopes spider instead of Venus? TIA. Tony
  7. Hi Bryan, thanks again for you help. I thought so with regard to some sort of image being on the screen, as for the file log...I only attempted to video twice last night with the same result. I thought I had taken a screen grab of the setting but it seems that didn’t work either! I will keep a closer eye on the log files in future and post for your comments. I might be that I’m not spending enough time with the exposure and gain combinations. Should the default setting be somewhere near? Cheers, Tony.
  8. Hi Peter, thanks for the reply...yes the very bright one is with the Skyris. See my reply to Bryan re exposure. Cheers, Tony
  9. Hi Bryan, thanks for the welcome and your reply. I am refocusing with the telescope after I’ve swapped over the eyepiece for the Skyris. I tried lots of different combinations of exposure, gain and even auto setting to no avail. Should I see a crisp, clear picture on screen? Thanks, Tony.
  10. Hello all, I’m a newbie...that will become very apparent in the next few sentences! I have a Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT and have a desire to take up astrophotography, I started with a few reasonable shots of the moon with my iPhone and have bought a Skyris 236C with no success. I would be greatful for any tips or advise on how to focus the moon for a start, I have uploaded a couple of photos one with the iPhone and one with the Skyris taken at the same time. TIA, Tony.
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