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  1. Something I often read but is never explained. When modifiying a DSLR for astro, the IR filter must be removed but when modifying a webcam for astro the IR filter must be left in place. Can anybody shed some light on this?
  2. Oh that's really good info, thanlks. I have loads of 12V 2A bricks from old monitors, I'll try one of those. Wasm't sure if 2A was sufficient so that';s god news.
  3. I have a similar one, I need to make up a lead for it and will try it out. Mine is bright yellow as well so less chance of tripping over it in the dark!
  4. Thanks, just what I needed. I may try my bench power supply first then as that way I can see the current draw in action.
  5. I have a Sky-Watcher Skyliner 250PX FlexTube GOTO on the way and want to get some power options in place. I need a cigarette lighter to jack plug cable but don't want to have to make one up. Anyone know where I could buy one? Secondly, I need to sort out from my big box of mains power supplies an appropriate mains option. Does anyone know the current rating required? I know the power tank is rated at 17 ah but this just means it can supply one amp for 17 hours, doesn't tell me the actual current draw of the goto unit and motors. any info appreciated.,
  6. Having researched full time for a week, I have arrived at my ideal scope (visual) - Sky-Watcher Skyliner 200P FlexTube GOTO. Absolute unobtanium (unless anyone knows different?) Think I'll take up knitting instead.
  7. I've often wondered if these are not compromised by ambient light having half the tube open?
  8. Me again. I am considering a Skywatcher 200P-DS and and a goto mount. As the mount is remotely controllable via Stellarium I would like get a camera for either just remote viewing but maybe some casual imaging nothing serious. Could a dslr be used as a live camera over USB or whatever? (i've never owned one). Once all this malarkey is over, I intend to build an observatory with warm room. Try to picture me with my feet up mouse in one hand, watching on a large screen monitor! Thanks
  9. Ys I did wonder about mic placement. I guess the only answer is to buy one and see!
  10. Oh that's interesting. do you mean move manually and then just use Stellarium to do fine nudging? That would be perfect.
  11. So my follow up question is - I could just manually slew the scope and then just use it for tracking in the wee small hours? I know this then loses the goto function but really I want tracking more than goto, goto being just a bonus. I have been seriously considering just getting a manual eq mount and a RA drive motor - old school.
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