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  1. Probably a beginners question this one, but here goes.... I was just wondering if it was possible to operate two or more cameras, controlled by UFOCapture, with the same PC? If it was 2 cameras to operate, you would obviously have to have two independent video grabbers set up via two separate USB ports and recognised by the computer as such. Setting up two grabbers would likely mean you would need to have two different (and fixed) I/O configurations to input into Windows Device Manager that identifies them as totally independent so the PC doesn't get confused. That's maybe more than a simple PnP task. And you'd obviously need, I'm guessing, two instances of UFOCapture installed (with presumably two licenses?) that recognises the two different cameras. Has anybody actually tried doing this? Would it even work? I'd be interested to know if anyone has experience of this.... Steve
  2. Hi all, I am a complete beginner to meteor scatter work and have just joined this group. The following equipment is being used: 2m/70cm dual band Yagi on the roof of my house. This antenna is pointed almost vertically (I live in Lyon, about 200 km due south of the GRAVES transmitter). Quick question: should I be orienting the antenna in this way? I am doing it in view of my relative close proximity to GRAVES. Would appreciate any comments on that one. I am using the RTL-SDR.com dongle and had no issues setting up Spectrum Lab. I am using SL version 2.93 b8 and have downloaded Ian Lauwerys CA script "MetScat_Comprehensive_V7.usr" which if I understand correctly is adapted from Paul Hyde's work and avoids the different processor thread issues between the FFT calculations and the CA loop as mentioned elsewhere. My current problem (and I have just been testing my system as we come off the April Lyrids maximum) is that I am getting far too many false positives: even after only 30 min tracking the system captures well over 300 events. The SNR_Threshold value in the CA script, which was originally set at 15dB , has been progressively increased, in steps of 2, to 25dB in attempts to reduce the number of false positives, however this has had totally no effect of the number of false events detected. I have attached a screen capture. I greatly suspect I'm making a Newbie error here so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
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