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  1. Hmmm, that sounds interesting, what sort of price are we looking at for a Baader for the explorer 130 pm
  2. Thanks, well, I think the camra will only give upto 30 seconds but the ISO will go much much higher. Is it a good idea to go as high as possible ? Also I can change the apeture setting too but I'm not exactly sure what it does (the highest is F25). Got a setting called creative style too with options of landscape, sunset, night view etc. I've set it to night view, is this right ? This is all set on M mode. Maybe I should just experiment with it.
  3. Nice one thanks. What sort of time exposure and settings should I be aiming for ?
  4. Right, so no eyepiece ? Well I can do that. So the pics I have seen that were taken with the a200 & explorer 130pm are done this way (no eyepice) ? thanks for your help valandian
  5. Hi there, Finally got our Skywatcher explorer 130pm working on Saturday night. We have got a Sony Alpha a200 and were sold an adapter so we could hook up. Only problem is it will fit to the scope but not with an eyepiece. Am I right in assuming I'm lacking another bit of kit ? I think I have a T Ring but, is it a T adapter I need as well ? Presumably this goes around the eyepiece. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks valandian
  6. Sorry, I think it is more the way we are setting it up with the counter balance to be honest. My partner wrote the last post. She (Val) is an expert @ manuals, where as me (Ian) am better learning "parret fashion". We live in the north west (uk) and I personally would love some one to show us where we are going wrong. The videoing it is a good idea, we'll do that if we get time. Cheers Ian
  7. Hi, Last weekend we purchased the skywatcher explorer 130pm and attempted to set it up as per the manufactures instructions but it just deos not feel right. The mount wobbles and I thought the whole point of the mount was to keep it steady. Does anyone know of a u tube tutorial or any other help ? there's nothing wrong with the tube but with the mount not working right, I'm finding it really tricky to align the scope with anything so I can't align the red light thingy. Without that it's impossible to see anything- argggggggh was really excited about getting it but now need some help Thanks
  8. Hi & thanks for the replies. Is £169 a good price from off the shelf ? jahmanson, I was hoping to get some pretty good viewing of the orion neb & like you said star clusters & even better pics, I'm personaly more into the steller & deep space side than planitary & lunar stuff. I don't suppose you could direct me to some links of pics taen through this telescope ? I have tried googling but I get a bit lost. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, I'm new here so please be kind. We are conemplating getting the above mentioned for some amature work. We were quoted £169 with motor. Is this a good buy for the absolute beginers ? What can we expect to be able to see through this app' ? We have also got a DSLR Sony Alpha a200 which I know wont do long exposures but will we be able to use it with the telescope for short exposures ? And finally, what is a good camra to use & at what sort of prices are we looking at on the cheapest end of the scale ? Thanks in advance for any help val and ian
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