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  1. Yip, got one of those myself of Ebay, arrived from China in about 1-2 weeks, cost £20, invaluable piece of kit if you don't have a laptop connected nearby or don't want to leave it outside for the night exposed to the elements!
  2. Same here, well engineered, the spring adjustments make things a lot easier and its solidly built like a brick sh*thouse. I have up to 20kg in 2 scopes and imaging equipment off it at times, and there's no flexure!
  3. Depends what for? Visual perhaps , not for long exposure photography. I'd go with 50-75% of the quoted figures, even though some folks setups may be able to take more depending on a number of things, e.g balance, weight of scopes used in dual mount setup, flexure, the list is almost endless and v difficult to quantify as it depends on each unique equipment configuration !
  4. If you can haul your equiplent there at a reasonable cost, why not! Anywhere's gotta have better weather than the permanently intolerable rain, cloud and cold that is now a permanent fixture of living in the UK.
  5. Nice shot Peter, love the colour of the sky and its starkness silhoueted against the hils and powerlines
  6. In the EQMOD ASCOM setup screen make sure you have pulseguide support set to enabled. If GuideDog was guiding your mount through same hardware setup, it must be a software issue with settings I reckon.
  7. Hi Kirstin and welcome! I did a B.Sc with Maths and Applied Maths majors, many moons ago ( 1980s ), but amazingly I failed my half course in astronomy mainly due to laziness on my side It's taken 20 yrs to come a full circle for me, but I'm thinking of doing a astronomy related degree sometime in the future...I'm fascinated with cosmology, and want to add some deeper theoretical knowledge to my astronomy. I'd be curious to hear how you finding it, and what the 1st yr syllabus contains? Cheers Mark
  8. Great composure and DOF, the way the branches are in focus and background blurred - quite striking that image Carol.
  9. Why not hold a poll with some of the already mentioned venues as choices? Would be much easier to gauge overall interest that way. Oh, somewhere near Luton on M1 would be kinda handy too
  10. Just read the article, seems easy enough on paper, but what software do I need to calculate the pixel values in my images? The article describes theory but there is no link to software I need to do the calcs.
  11. Earlier, I had a brief look through the article you posted Martin, it certainly is the most comprehensive and detailed one on the subject of Canon DSLR sensor characteristics on the net that is still fairly easily digestible by a lay person i've come cross. I'll certainly need a day or 3 to read and let all that try and sink in Once again thanks for the link!
  12. Thanks Martin and TeaDwarf, I have a bit of reading to do now, as well as on the Canon DSLR digital astro forum Canon_DSLR_Digital_Astro : Canon DSLR Digital Astro I recenty signed up at. Quite a lot of interesting discussing there too....
  13. I realise that, but logic dictates the tail must be in the same line as its movement i would have thought!
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