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  1. Shoping around for a photonewt mirror on telescope-express.de and astroshop.eu as these are the two places I ve found so far within the EU zone to avoid customs etc. Been interested in OOUK mirrors for a while as they seem to have really nice specs/price ratio compared to most everyting else I ve come across on the internet so far ...but theres these persistent end user horrror stories floating around that I come accross from time to time and it makes me really frustrated as I dont really know what to beleive or think or do nor to buy. The below link goes to a blog (belonging
  2. Lots of assumptions. I dont know if it s even possible to purchase a saddle replacement with associated electronics for the CEM70 and even if it is, the chance of it fitting straight to the CEM60 seem slim. I ve contactrd iOptron support with the question.
  3. Which has the most durable one. Tired of little weak crappy micro USB [removed word] cables and connectors giving out on stuff
  4. Thinking about ways to not have your imaging train sticking straight out from the side of the tube torquing the scope in all funny ways possible. So, I put down my thinking on paper. For all I know might very well only be good for wiping my Bottom with but maybe someone can detail it to me in a more precise, scientific way why ... https://imagebin.ca/v/5MI0ZnL6xius
  5. I vew been trying to communicate with the shop where I m buying these items getting opinions on the viability of these parts working together but the mail conversation doesnt yeild much critique or feedback except "that works". Purpose of the build is galaxy imaging and budget is $5k. Looked at the 12" acf but it s way off in price compared to the 10", like $1.5k more. Stuff I already got is the main imaging camera (asi1600mm pro), guide camera (asi290mm mini) and mount (cem60). Parts list currently lacks filters and dew bands. Anything else missing I m oblivious of. Anyone shoot me
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