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  1. Oh my god. I mean it was interesting to see for sure, but I can't imagine having those everywhere. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into this.
  2. Tonight I was walking the dog at 9pm. I live in Manitoba, Canada. I looked North and saw a steady stream of what looked to be sattelites moving west to east. They became visible just at the base of casseopaeia, traveled the same trajectory, and went out of sight around the handle of ursa major. The 'sattelites' were roughly the same distance apart, though some variation, and this lasted 10-12 minutes. I saw about 40-50 of these things, one right after the other, like a string of sattelites. Any chance someone knows what I saw? Cheers
  3. Hey all. Just need some help figuring this out. Tonight I was walking my dog and saw what looked like a rapidly moving sattelite. What was unique was that its brightness intensified and ebbed a number of times. I’m used to seeing sattelites get brighter and then dissipate, always assuming this is their reflection of the sun before entering the earth’s shadow. I’ve never seen the brightness oscillate. So I am really uncertain what this was. The object was spotted at 6:30pm CST moving East-Northeast in the night’s sky. I live in southern Manitoba, Canada. Any ideas
  4. Hey Phil, I noticed this is the same book offered through OpenStax - which the pdf version is linked higher in the thread. Great minds think alike!
  5. This is all so terrific! Thanks! A lot to check out. I came to the perfect place
  6. Thanks Aramcheck. Are there exercises to complete in those? The OpenStax book looks good so far. I am just sitting down to check out the first chapter. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  7. Thank you both! These both look like excellent ways of learning. I'm looking forward to exploring them.
  8. Hey everyone, I have been thinking about ramping up my ability and knowledge of astronomy and I think a course would be really helpful in this regard. That said, I live in the country, and can neither commute nor afford a university course on the topic. I was hoping someone might know of a book or resource that is set up like a course, with lessons, exercises and scaffolded topics for someone to learn from. Anyone know of something like this? Thanks Carson
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