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  1. After doing a little bit of research - I should add I already have a DSLR and a pair of (8x42) binoculars. After looking at your advice and realising portability will be pretty important as I am generally quite mobile - I've looked at spotting scopes and found maybe https://www.wexphotovideo.com/sky-watcher-skymax-127-az-gti-wi-fi-go-to-maksutov-cassegrain-telescope-1645634/ I have also ordered the book you have recommended, a friend will be bringing from UK next week I hope
  2. These Dobs look great! I may have to go for something smaller though for starters. I live in a city but often cycle/train/sometimes car to darker areas. So a little bit of portability would be good, I also was potentially thinking about taking it on a plane to the Scottish highlands later this year as we happen to be going on a New moon! I guess I'll be going to dark sky areas enough to need the portability - but if a Dob could produce anything on the level of a smaller scope with a dark sky then I would go for that to do something more regular!
  3. If you were starting new and had a spare £500 approximately - what would you buy? I have been looking through various telescopes, and I think my initial interest would be in seeing rather than photography - but it would be nice to maybe take some 'record shots'. Do you recommend a telescope and tripod immediately? Or should another simpler set up be a good start up If it's worth extending the budget slightly, I am possibly also persuadable. Thank you for your answers
  4. Thanks everyone! This really helped, I think I could just about see it from the descriptions - like nothing I've seen in the night sky! The map look brilliant, and I've found some 'green' and even some 'blue' sites not too far from me - and the weather looks like it's going to be good next on Thursday. I don't think it'll be long until the 8x32 naturewatching binoculars are replaced by a 'scope! Thank you for all of your help!
  5. Hi! Tonight I was trying to find a dark spot on the Arve in Geneva, to see the M31 galaxy. Some of the light pollution was pretty intense, so I am waiting for my Bike to be delivered and hoping I'll get a better view next week (despite increased moonlight!) I have two questions- firstly, will it be possible to the galaxy next week or even towards the end of October from Geneva? Secondly - tonight I located the Andromeda constellation and using x8 magnification binoculars could see a very faint dusty scattering of light at the tip - there was no bright centre. I just wanted to confirm that I had found it from this description? Thank you for any answers or advice! It has always been a very interesting object for me ever since I saw it described in a documentary! Perhaps someone knows of a place accessible by public transport or within cycling distance of Geneva also for observation! I am hear to learn and hope to get good at this! Jake
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