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  1. Thanks John And yes it is a f/4 all of this is amazing information excited to go shopping lol
  2. Hi all Looking for information on a rely good Barlow lens and high quality eyepieces I dont want the generic type looking for really high quality I have a MEADE LXD75 SN-10"
  3. Hi Carole I was trying it with my cannon m5 since it's a mirrorless camera and extreamly light but it wouldn't take a pic without a lens on. I do have the t ring attachment but I belive I ordered the wrong on its 3 inches in length....I'm not sure if the camera was still trying to focuse after I focused with the scope...its all sounding so confusing lol...I ordered a smaller t ring going to look into a Bahtinov mask...I know nothing on how to do this having a blast trying to learn thanks to all for advice andy
  4. Thanks Dave! So many different explanations on how to do it...so many say to change the aperture good to know...ya I have been using the scope to focus just been having a issue with the camera wanting to auto focus trying to find that setting lol....it says it's in mf but still tries to af and the t ring I got is way to long I ordered the right one...do you know if theres anything else I need? So threads say to add a barlow lens is that true? Some also say to order a focuser attachment?
  5. Hello all So I'm trying to figure out some aspects of taking some images...I am looking for some channels on set up I have a cannon 7D rebel mark2 also have the cannon m5...I am 100% new to it all I have researched online about settings but everything I reading I cant get my camera set up with no lens I cant set my aperture...issues with trying to get it into manual focus I ordered the t ring attachment but I belive I got the wrong one. what I have been seeing is a small adapter the one I recived is about 3" to long I belive (so I'm curious to here from everybody what I need to get for begginer set up) I'm using a meade ldx75 mount with a SN 10". I relize its alot of questions I'm hoping I can get some links to good tutorials or some advice from you all. Andy
  6. That it is...but price was right...I'm just trying.g to figure out what attachments I need or it's just my no knowledge of the Camara
  7. Hello all I'm trying to begin my adventure with astrophotography so I have a few questions (probably many) on what I need to start this I have a MEADE LXD75 SN-10" I also have a cannon EOS 7D rebel II I bought the attachment that goes from camera to scope keep in mind that I am 100% newbie to camera and scope took a couple shots tonight but ya um let's just forget that happened so I'm looking to see if I need more to start basics or anybody knows a link to a tutorial would be great Thanks in advance Andy
  8. I am so very excited to tell everybody who helped me out I was able to see Saturn tonight I am overwhelmed right now....i am going to ask if anybody has a good suggestion for a new focuser as i will be buying one and also i had a mishap tonight and the straps that mount to the scope 1 was already broken and it unfortunately broke tonight and I dont know the technical name for it and have been unable to find them any suggestions? Now I just to need to figure out the auto star find a book on the night sky to help me learn! So excited what a amazing hobby and it's worth every penny been a long 5 months trying to figure this out and finnaly in on night and 1 view of Saturn I'm hooked more then ever astrophotography is next already have all the camera equipment just need to learn lol Thanks to all!
  9. It's a perfect night out here for looking and experimenting
  10. Ok so I'm ready to curl up in a ball and give up so I tried the borow lens as a extension with no luck so I swapped out to the origanal focuser still getting same result all I see is a bright circle with a black dot in center help please lol
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