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  1. Dec 8, 2019 Moon. Waxing Gibbous at 86% Illumination. Telescope: Stellarvue 80 mm APO Refractor. f/6 @ 480 mm. Camera: Nikon D800E. ASA-400. PP Adobe LR & CS6
  2. Thanks for the Tip on (Prism)... I will have to take a close look at this one. Re, Don
  3. Boy... A simple question turns into a Complain-O-Forum. Don
  4. Thanks for your remarks. I have been reading about ASCOM standards and software applications. Regards, Don
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply, I appreciate your inputs. Don
  6. TELESCOPE CONTROL SOFTWARE---NOT CERTAIN WHAT TO SETTLE ON I have a Celestron 8" with AVX Mount and am pondering what Software to settle on for controlling the mount that I can use as I progress to a better scope and mount down the star-path. I have a Windows based Laptop... a recent vintage with Windows 10 that I have dedicated for Astronomy Purposes but, I am not certain what software package I want to work with controlling the mount. My primary interest is astrophotography. I have a Stellarvue 80mm APO Triplet on order and plan to move to a Losmandy Mount sometime next year. I have fooled with Sky Safari Pro on my Mac's for some years now however, that software was purposed to operate in the OS X environment. For someone interested in Astrophotography, what are the options for quality Mount Control? Regards, Don
  7. Greetings: I have been behind a Celestron AVX 8" SCT for a number of years, its pretty good for just looking around but, my real desire is Astrophotography. So many systems to choose from and so many decisions that one becomes a subject of Information-Overload. So, I have been studying equipment for an Astrophotography System but, I am not firmly fixed on specific hardware. I have narrowed down the field some and been looking closer at an iOptron CEM 40 or 60 Mount Head and an APO from Sky-Watcher, the 100mm Esprit ED Triplet Refractor. I would like to hear from those on SGL who have this equipment and get some Pro & Con feedback from them. Regards, Don
  8. Thanks for the tip... I will look into this. Photoshop has some very good tools for this as well. But, my goal is to produce sharp images with the system... before I introduce the file into Photoshop. Don
  9. A few nights ago I decided to try my hand at Astrophotography. I drug out the Celestron AVX 8" Reflector Telescope and coupled it to old and nearly worn-out Nikon D3 DSLR. This was a direct couple of the D3 to the Visual Back of the Telescope Tube without any magnification eyepiece elements involved. Acquiring a sharp focus was difficult at best. I plan to incorporate a magnification element soon and hope the results are sharper images. Enjoy, DonCamera: D3, Connected to 8" SC Telescope, 1/160sec @ f/3.5, ASA-200. PP Adobe LR
  10. To all those who have sent greetings, thank you. I look forward to hanging around here and learning. Regards, Don
  11. Hello: I am new to SGL. The Telescope has been covered for quite sometime, due to Light Pollution but my desire to look at the heavens has returned. I look forward to meeting some of you on SGL, I have a great deal to learn about Astrophotography my primary interest. Regards, Don
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