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  1. 48 minutes ago, Paul73 said:

    Nice one Dan. It’s got everything. You’ll be giving up the day job soon!

    Must have taken a while to find that spot.


    i cant take all the credit for this spot, a good friend of mine who's local pointed me to it.   theres a few spots around the lake for some other things i want to try later in the year.

  2. 9 hours ago, mapstar said:

    Superb Danny. Nice capture 

    Thank you dude :)

    7 hours ago, Ouroboros said:

    Fabulous image.  Competition level definitely. I'm amazed  it's so good given the presence of the Moon.  I guess it helped that you were looking North and the Moon was in the south west.  

    There was a big hill behind us, blocking most of the low moon :)

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  3. last 

    astro shot for a while now.  The conditions where epic and while i was waiting for the moon to set fully, i was stood in front of this tree and decided to try something new.  

    A 200 shot stack and a 4 pane pano. thats 50 x 12" images for each pane at ISO 6400 f2.8 20mm. 

    This is part of the Cygnus constellation home to the North America Nebula which you can see as a pink blotch towards the top of the image. This Nebula is approx 100 light years across and 1800 light years away. 

    I love this section of the milky way as its so dense with stars when your at a dark sky location it glows wonderfully in the sky . 

    Tokina 20mm  F2 Firin lens
    Vanguard Alta BH-300 Ballhead
    Vanguard Alta Sky 49 Bag
    Benro Mach3 TMA47AXL

    tree pano fb.jpg

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  4. 2 minutes ago, johnfosteruk said:

    Stunning, you need to enter that into as many competitions as possible.

    Thanks John, its ok but i feel i can do better. if was a first visit and really didn't expect to capture much. i did'nt even make it the way around the lake to my intentional POI  which im slightly annoyed at because if i had, the shot i had planned would of had some more aurora in. but its a cracking spot for winter so you will see it later in the year.  

  5. 38 minutes ago, tooth_dr said:

    Beautiful Danny.  Can you tell me a bit about the Tokina lens?

    sure its the Tokina 20mm F2 Firin lens. its a new range from Tokina and its very very sharp  i paid £600 for an open box from wex. The MF is cheaper than the AF version both have the same optics, i have the AF version but couldnt find a MF one in stock any where. I'm really enjoying using it for astro and seascapes. its quite small considering its for a FF body. would i recommend  one ...sure would it's at its sharpest at F8 TO F11

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  6. 9 hours ago, tooth_dr said:

    Yes Yes Yes.  Look at that reflection too 😮


    9 hours ago, JamesF said:

    Indeed.  Lovely image.



    8 hours ago, Scooot said:

    That’s a stunning image Danny :) 


    8 hours ago, Helen said:

    Awesome, just awesome Danny❣️❣️



    thank you, not bad for a first time visit in the dark. i think without the moon it would have been even better as it caused a bit a gradient.  One for the note book i think for next year :)

  7. 3 hours ago, davew said:

    Wow. The effort that's gone into that ! That Milky Way looks really good. I also like the way you've got the foreground, mid ground and background  all playing a part in the shot.

    Nice to see you out there,


    Thanks Dave, it was a great evening. Know I the location  I'm really looking forward to August September 

  8. Saw the forecast and had to head out,  i rang a friend of mine who is also in to shooting WF astro and i had been telling him about this place for the past 12 months.  I have never been to this spot but ive been to the area plenty of times. 


    As we where taking a break from shooting star trails Snowdonia dark sky reserve turned up. got chatting to them and they confirmed that this spot is the darkest place in wales ?  


    just working through some images but the sky was incredible last night.  


    Image details


    Tokina FIRIN 20mm F2 

    30X180" ISO 800 

    Stacked in PS 


    46993024064_ec6c566555_z.jpgThe Lookout by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr

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