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  1. I have moderate astigmatism so also tend to observe at low power with glasses on and higher powers with them off. I find observing without to be much more comfortable though, and whether I'm wearing glasses or not other observers still tend to have to fine tune the focus for themselves. Clive
  2. Met office suggesting thursday night may be clearer but not holding out hope - yet to get first light on the Skyliner 200p I bought from Starflyer at the weekend - so may be my fault the Oxfordshire area's cloudy, sorry!
  3. How about the Flaming Lips - Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon Clive
  4. lovely shot - the x really stands out well - especially good seeing as it's a phone cam pic.
  5. Thanks for all the info guys - managed to get out under clear skies last night to see the X - first time I'd ever seen it
  6. CliffordB

    I like it here.

    I'd third? Bill Brysons book, also if Brief History of Time is a bit heavy going but you want to read some Hawking you could try Universe in a Nutshell. Clive
  7. Hi all, I'm looking at getting a new mount for the TAL 1 (with a view to getting a bigger OTA in the future), primarily to allow motorised tracking. The issue I have is that I live in an apartment (and not on the ground floor) and my observing site is in a field on the edge of the estate - hence whatever I get has to be carried down two flights of stairs and then about 250m to the field. Any ideas for a fairly sturdy mount with decent tracking which could be lugged around by hand like this without destroying my back? I'm guessing the final caveat would rule out the EQ6 but what are peoples opinions of the 'luggability' and longevity of the CG5 or HEQ5 for instance? Thanks in advance Clive
  8. Thanks for all your welcomes - and Nick, thanks for the heads up on the TAL users group.
  9. Hi all, Recently dusted off my telescope (circa '97 TAL 1 Newt) after a 10 year hiatus from astronomy (during which time ironically I studied for a planetary and space physics degree but never looked through a telescope!). Looking forward to rediscovering the joys of observing the night sky (seeing Saturn through the scope for the first time since the 90's was great - felt obliged to drag the wife out into the cold to see it, her first ever view through a scope). Found this site through a Google search and already gleaned lots of useful info so thought I should join - sure I'll be posting many questions. Cheers Clive
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