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  1. Hey guys! So I wanted to share the experience, turned out soldering was out of the question. The cable that came with the mount is quite cheap and wiring was quite small. I needed the female adapter model C and to my luck turns out computer monitor cables are the perfect fit and more robust. Scored 3 of them for free. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! I want to fix this adapter and keep it as a backup and more when on road trip, it uses the lighter plug. I did purchase an AC/DC adapter that connect directly to AC/Mount outlet which is better for me when at home.
  3. Good day, I own a skywatcher Heq5 pro mount, its awesome! I just realized the AC wire for my AC / DC adapter is broken (see pic 1). I found another AC wire from an old AC adapter and was wondering if this is ok? I see the gauge wire is bigger though and wonder if it matters? I am thinking of cutting near the female adapter and soldering it back to the entire length of wire that came from the laptop adapter even though the gauge is bigger. ( see pic 2). Thank you.
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