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  1. Daveyboy I work in Kingswinford but live in Sedgley. I went along to the Barr Beacon event and the Bolingale one and everyone was most helpful and accommodating, even with a newbie like me. Keep your eye on here and let me know if you see anything interesting worth attending. The weather is bobbins at the moment so no hope of seeing stuff but not long now to clear skies and astronomy!
  2. The Barr Beacon event was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who let me look through their scopes. Jupiter was immense but one guy showed me the Orion Nebula which was possibly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, closely followed by the Andromeda Galaxy and numerous star clusters. Fascinating. Thank you to the organisers and roll on the next one.
  3. Weather still poor but occasionally all clears and the view is stunning. The moon was gorgeous this morning. Must get the scope out one of these days!
  4. Howdy! I'm originally from Great Barr and ex Barr Beacon School but am in the Black Country now. Family all live still on the Pheasey/ Park Farm estates. Anyway I've always been fascinated by the nightsky and just bought my first 'proper' telescope, a celestron 127slt. I've had some awesome early views of Jupiter and hope these cold winter nights give some clear skies. I may be able to help with a dark sky site for you guys as well. My sister has moved to a farm in the Peak District, Upper Hulme, and hopes to have camping facilities soon and it would be great to get a load of amateur astronomers up there in the middle of nowhere with no light pollution. You could show us both how to navigate the skies. She had a telescope for Christmas last year but I'm not sure it has left the box yet! Let me know if you have any plans for meeting up, Barr Beacon is fine for me, Black Country is good as well.
  5. I saw the moon through a pair of binoculars last night for the first time. Wow! Twas incredible. I know this is very basic but hey! Now I want to see some of the planets, apart from 'in the sky' where do I look and how do I locate them? If the Egyptians etc knew where to look, and they didn't have binoculars, it can't be that hard. Can it?
  6. So I took your advice and 'borrowed' my ma's binoculars. I didn't think they would make much difference but blimey, I saw clusters and loads of other stuff. No idea what I was looking at but it was very impressive.
  7. Howdy Dingles. Although I am pretty much busy now until mid April I'd love to come out on one of your star staring evenings if that's ok? My g/f lives in W-ton (yes. she's a Dingle) so have no problems with the language etc. I'll keep checking in here.
  8. Thanks for that. I'll check it out.
  9. Malcolm, thanks for that. I did attend their 'Moon Watch' at the Lickey Hills in October with my daughter but it was pretty much a washout due to rain and clouds which was a great shame. They are probably a lovely bunch but I just got the impression they would not be keen on some astronomy moron asking basic questions. The email I got from them pretty much alluded to this. Cheers all for the warm welcome you cannot believe the excitement I am gonna get when someone says something like 'do you want to see Saturn?'. Wow!
  10. Greetings. I have been staring at the night sky for years with wonder but little knowledge. I tried to get involved last year with the Birmingham Astronomical Society but they appeared a little advanced for me and had no real desire for a complete astronomy novice with no equipment asking dumb questions. A friend pointed me in this direction and I am hoping my enthusiasm and desire to learn will carry me through and someone will be kind enough to let me see the wonders of the universe. I bought my daughter a telescope for Xmas and she is developing a similar thirst for knowledge. Twas only a plastic £50 thing but she often texts and tells me what she has seen. Should have bought two! Happy night skies!
  11. Ladies and gents, complete and utter newbie here. Spent the last few decades staring up at who knows what but totally fascinated and mesmerised by the cosmos. Apart from The Plough and Orion I'm lost! I badly want to come to your star party but don't get back from a Far East tour until 14 April and it might be a bit of a stretch to hit the 16th. Is it possible to come for the Saturday night with a tent and just join in? I don't have a telescope, sorry! I'm so excited that someone can hopefully explain what I'm looking at that I would be very grateful of an answer. Anyone in Birmingham who can also assist would be fantastic! Apologies if in wrong thread. Cheers.
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