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  1. Thanks for the reply. I do not at all intend to go into a profession of astrophotography but astronomy is more than just a simple hobby. My aim would be to get the best planetary and Moon shots possible with my telescope. For example, a Moon image like the attached and a high quality Mars image.
  2. Thanks very much. I have already checked on this problem and this model is Sony's latest mirrorless camera so it has fixed it. Really excited to start professional imaging so do you have any other recommendations for cameras and equipment?
  3. Hey StarGazersLounge Forums, I am an amateur in astrophotography and have so far taken photos of the Moon and some planets with my camera. However, I am looking for a major upgrade in order to take astrophotography to a professional level as I have long been passionate about astronomy. My overarching aim with astrophotography is to take high quality photos of many planets and continue my interest with the universe. I would be very grateful if anyone could recommend the best set up regardless of the price at the moment as I will work from there. This includes a camera, mount and eyepi
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