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  1. Hey people!! Looks like the guys are low on money, so, to help a little, i made a significant decrease on the Ioptron mount price. Im asking 910 pounds now
  2. Hello Davey, how are you? The mount was bought on July 2018 and it has been used very few times. My version of the mount is the upgrade of the GTN, and since i bought it, i havent done any software upgrade, as i am too afraid of making a mistake and damage any harware. Cheers
  3. In fact, ive just placed an add on the sale/swapp section, so you can see the mount and acessories.
  4. Of course, im so stupid. Ive just edit the initial post. Thanks for that
  5. Gentlemen, I'm going to do something stupid and sell my Ioptron IEQ 45 Pro,for 910 pounds, for the good of my back. It was purchased at Telescope Service, and comes with a carrying case for the equatorial head, tripod and two counterweights. It has GPS included, illuminated polar finder and an extensive series of options in the assembly command, such as PEC, balance of the RA axis through the software, etc. There are some marks on the dovetail bar fitting, as you would expect and the inside sponge of the box has been slightly cut, so as not to have to always select my 40º latitude. As an extra, I include a travel bag for the tripod and a carry bag for the counterweights, both purchased from Telescope Service. In addition, I also include an adapter to use a Polemaster. Shipping costs, I think it is better to divide between buyer and seller. Any other information, just ask . PS: The Takahashi is not included
  6. Hello friend, im Emanuel, from Portugal, and im selling my Ioptron IEQ 45 Pro for 1100 pounds. It has case for the equatorial head, and as a bonus i inlude bag for the tripod, bag for the two counterweights, and adapter for the Polemaster. The mount has very nice features, such as GPS included, RA balancing feature by software, PEC, iluminated polar finder and many other features. If youre interested, send me a message and can send you some pictures. Cheers
  7. Well, since i didnt had any info, let me share what i found out about this tripod. Innorel RT90C, Leofoto LN-404C and Xiletu L-404C are all made on the same manufacturer and they all share the same specs and similar prices. Also, i saw, at Astroshop website, that they sell the Omegon Pro 40, which is a copy of the Innorel, and most probably made at the same manufacturer. So, in resume, if you find any of this tripods, choose the one with better price, that they all share the same specs and manufacturer origin.
  8. Do you guys know, were in Europe, i can buy this tripod? https://www.amazon.com/Carbon-Tripod-Professional-Birdwatching-Adapter/dp/B07H8V8WWM
  9. Thank you for the help. I will try it as soon as i can
  10. Yes it does. And i also tried to rotate it. Even so i cannot see stars. Maybe if i aim to a bright star and focus on it...... To be honest, due to my situation, i tried two times, but not for that long, because i wanted to make exposures of a certain target and didnt had so much time to do it. During day, i figured out the correct spacing and everything seems to work correctly, but at night...... I dont know.....
  11. Yes, i know the procedure. The problem is to pick-up stars for guiding. After selecting a target, i initialize PHD2 and start the exposures. No stars to be seen. And im not sure were the problem is. The camera's gain is at the maximum. The scope focal lenght is of course the main telescope. Why cant i see stars on the field of view? Increasing the exposure time?
  12. I do have a OAG from Omegon. But due to my own inexperiency, i cant seem to make it work. And i do have the spacing correct...
  13. Dont give me ideas, dont give me ideas!!!! Here´s a photo of it, scope and mount only.
  14. I hear you guys, but the problem is that my own house sits on a Bortle 8 sky, and its a flat, so, no space whatsoever to build my own observatory. On the other hand, at my father`s house, i have a Bortle 3 sky, which is about to say, as best as possible in Portugal. Building an observatory at his place could be a option, i would have to study carefully that option. Its a interesting choice, although expensive :)
  15. Hey guys, i need serious advice or maybe some psychiatrist, or something... I own a Takahashi FSQ 106 ED, mounted on a Ioptron IEQ45 Pro mount. For imaging, i use the Nikon D5300 moddified, and guided with the mini guide scope from QHYccd and respective 5L mono camera. Professionally, im a Licensed Engineer for Aircraft Maintenance. I work in Prague, Czech Republic, but my house is in Portugal, in a city called Maia, near Oporto. And my telescope is at my father home, which is 200km from my own house. So, that leds me to have a peculiar situation, and to have some imaging nights, for me, is very difficult. The scope i have, although is fantastic, no presentation is required, obviously, is not as practical as i wanted, due to that situation. What im saying is that ive been thinking on trading the all setup, for something on the realm of.... arrive, pick-up with one hand and start imaging as soon as possible. You know what i mean, right? So, where is my problem? Should i depart from this awesome telescope? And if yes, what would equally satisfy me and be highly portable? My initial thoughts would be something like RainbowAstro RST 135, Red Cat 71 ( if they ever release it), not sure about camera, if i should keep the Nikon or not, and to avoid the computer, the Asiair pro. Can you help with some advice? Thanks people
  16. Well, i found one for the mask i was looking for: https://www.astronome.fr/produit-masque-de-bahtinov-william-optics-pour-lunettes-Prix-0-euro-id-2619.html I will continue to search for the focuser....
  17. Thanks for the replies guys. The idea was to avoid customs fees, as here in Portugal are insane. Ive been looking into all the official WilliamsOptics dealers in Europe, but i didnt saw this items in any of them. Funny that Bahtinov mask. I have never saw one like that and with that star effect. I do have a bahtinov mask, but its not so nice to use on dimm stars. Usually what i do, is to focus the scope, while im aligning the mount. Maybe i can send a message to a official dealer in Europe to ask about them.
  18. Do you know, were in Europe, i can find this two items for my Takahashi FSQ 106 ED? https://williamoptics.com/products/accessories/bahtinov-mask/new-innovative-bahtinov-mask-cover-patented-for-takahashi-fsq106-telescopes https://optcorp.com/products/william-optics-motorized-device-feather-touch-3-5-inch Also, does this WO motorized focuser is compatible with the Takahashi focuser? Thanks
  19. Emanuel


    Hello people, greatings from Portugal. My name is Emanuel, 47, im a Licensed Engineer for Aircraft Maintenance. Since i was 14 years of age, i fell in love with astronomy and so i have until today. I had a period of my life that due to professional reasons i was not able to do this fascinating hobby, but from the last 10 years or so, i was able to return, to start again with astrophotography and so, when i can, i do it. Ive been looking into this forum for some time , but i believe that this is my first post. All the best Emanuel
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