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  1. Hey folks thought i'd test my Canon sx530 out on the moon tonight seeming as though it was nice and clear , captured the image using manual settings and full 50x optical zoom which worked out to 215mm focal length plus a small amount of digital then just a crop on the final image .

    Moon Canon SX530 2.jpg

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  2. Great first attempt Baz better than my firsts on saturn :) , there is as much a learning curve to post processing your images as there is to actually capturing them i found so once you get to grips with your software i'm sure your results will get better and better plus of course sky conditions play a big part in image quality but thats just a matter of getting out as much as you can till you get that "perfect" night .

  3. Thanks for comments guys i seem to have the swing of things with the sdc435 on lunar but not tried any planetary yet and still getting to grips with deepspace targets , @ happy-kat yes i think i'm the person you mean :) i did a few globs earlier in the week m13 and m15 .

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  4. Hi thought i'd post this image in the lunar section as it came out better than what i was expecting , the original post was in the astro video section as i used a Samsung sdc435 video camera attached to a Skywatcher 130p plus a 2x barlow on an az goto mount . The video was 60 seconds long which i then divided into single frame images and stacked the best then combined in imerge , i have plans on spending a good session just on the moon with hopes of getting a full mosaic :)

    Regards Alan


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  5. Thanks Carl i'm still not sure on settings for deepspace so tend to take a bunch of videos at different settings and use the best :) , thought i'd try 2 of the moon images in imerge and looks like it might work good for a full on mosaic so will set aside a night just for that some time soon i hope :) attached the 2 pane mosaic .


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  6. Hey folks i managed to get out again and do a bit more with my sdc435 camera ,  used the same equipment as last time which was a skywatcher 130p on a bluetooth azgoto supatrak mount with the sdc435 camera and also a 2x barlow this time :) . Conditions were quite good but i didn't have too much time so i rushed the 2 star alignment which kind of messed the tracking up so no cutting corners next time . The moon was looking great so decided to have a go then pushed things further adding a 2x barlow in , after that i managed to get some video of M57 before packing up plus i teased out a bit more from my last M27 . 

    Regards Alan







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  7. Thanks for comments guys had some time to dig a bit deeper into Skysafari and the Virtuoso app so should be a lot easier next session out :) , @ Nightfisher  the camera was connected to a nosepiece then straight into the scope ( no reducer ) which is just a plain old 130p from the az goto kit and i only had about 5 mm of in travel left on the focuser so i'm guessing a reducer would be well out of my focus range without modding the scope / focuser but i may look into testing one out and reducing as much length as possible from the nosepiece and focuser adapters :) .

    Regards Alan

  8. Hi all well i finally got a clear night to test out a bluetooth module with a Skywatcher alt az mount ( supatrak ) and SkySafari . From the start i had a problem with SkySafari when connecting to the scope , the app was sending data to the scope but the scope was not responding . Turns out i had to setup the scope in the SkySafari for wifi connection not bluetooth and had to put in the ip number reported in the virtuoso app then all communicated fine although the goto's were slightly off a bit it was good enough for now until i can figure it out more .

    M13 and M15 were taken at 256x exposure and 1 minute of video was recorded then stacked , M27 was taken at 512x and again 1 minute of video was recorded and stacked , i used a Skywatcher 130p on an altaz mount the supatrak version with bluetooth module and SkySafari for goto plus a Samsung sdc 435 video camera .

    Regards Alan




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  9. Hi all , i have a 130p and the rack and pinion focuser has lots of slop which is causing collimation issues so i decided to check on the net for solutions and found a few ideas which involve using teflon to line the inside of the focuser tube housing to take up the slack . I've found plenty of teflon sheets for sale on ebay but am still unsure which would be the best to use as there are lots of different types so wondered what other people have used to sort this kind of problem ? thanks .

    Regards Alan

  10. Hey all well i decided to pick up one of the sc2000 board cameras that there has been a lot of talk about on various forums . I managed to remove the ir filter from the ccd window which was a bit unnerving and clean up the glue left behind , then mounted it in a small project box grommeted the cable exit and added a 1.25" nose piece and astro ir filter . If the results are any good i'll look into some kind of cooling as the box has plenty of space left but for the moment i've just drilled a circular pattern of vent holes on the back and added a dust filter to the inside , i'll report back if the results are worthy lol :)



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