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  1. Chaza


    That's what I thought, when I was shown this photo, given its 483 light years away,there is no way any photo could be got. What is your take on this so called nibiru that some claim is in our solar system that no one has seen. Thanks
  2. Can anyone answer this. I was shown a photo of what was claimed to be carrots, 487 light years away, how can anyone take a photo of this sun that distance away.
  3. I think it's h, why should I start high, and what are the barlows for then. Thanks
  4. Can explain why 25 mm first, is the bigger number better magnification. As for the barlows, don't they double the magnification as they say.
  5. Hi I have read about eye peices but I don't seem to get it. My telescope has 100 mm aperture, its about 24 inches long, i have 2 barlows, 3.3 ,2. My lenses are 25,12.5,4 mm. What combination should I use to see, let's say saturn. Thanks, I don't get it.
  6. Sorry it's off topic, I've just started, I have no experience, I want to see the planets and stuff, so it's more a point of guidance. I'd like photos, but not that bothered. Will I achieve this with my 20 x 80 binos
  7. Thanks for that, it doesn't fill me with vim, I think I'll be disappointed, but I'll wait till I get so e clear skies. What is tne best time to go watching, midnight, 4 am, what.
  8. Thanks for that, I haven't had a clear night to do any gazing, but I suspect I'm expecting too much. I did look at the moon tne other day, it was cloudy, but I didn't see detail of tne moon as I expected to. I don't know what to expect, but if I find Saturn for example, will be any be to see its rings. I know I won't be able to see what the probe saw as it passed, but I want to see more than a white speck in the sky, the same white speck I can see with my eye.
  9. So are you saying the binos ate not practical, what scope is a good one.
  10. I am confused, let me give you 2 senarios as to my understanding. I have bought some 20 X 8 bins. 1 there is a church on the horizon, I was expecting to be able to see the church close up, which is about 20 miles away, but all I could do was bring it a little closer. 2 I look at the moon, I expected to be able to see the craters close up, but I didn't, when I look at stars, or maybe planets, they are just specks of light, not closer so I can at least identify who they are. So I have 2 understandings, the bins, whole being powerful can't bring object so close that you an see the bricks, is it because there is too much light, or am I expecting far too much from the bins. Or If the church I was looking at was in total darkness, the bins would be able to focus on the light in the church, and magnify that light. Have I missed something, or am I expecting my bins to act like hubble.
  11. I have just bought some 20 X 80s,I did a trial run with them at the moon. I nearly broke my neck looking through them. How do people manage with bins. Even with a tripod I would have to be laying back 45 deg, and even then with a straight tripod, I find it impossible to do any lengthy watching.
  12. I got the sky safari star chart, it's a good one. I'm kind of getting it. But we'll see, my bins have not come yet, the thought of sitting outside in the cold ain't making me jump for joy.
  13. Cheers, I've just bought 20 X 80 bins, I hope I'm not disappointed, trouble is I hope don't understand the dam sky maps or where to find, or what I hope I hope im looking at. But I suppose I'll get there, or not. Thanks
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