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  1. Hi all i have started trying to image planets and i do not know what software to use, i was looking for a free software that is easy to use if you recommend any software can you please leave some instructions so i can get a foothold on it. Thanks!
  2. So I've seen Jupiter, Saturn and Mars through my telescope and they're really nice but when i take a photo of them with my dslr it looks like a faint smudge. i don't know what else i can do so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. hey guys i have had my celestron explorascope 114 az for around 5 months and i have seen saturn and jupiter through my 3x barlow and 20mm eyepiece and it was a bit small to see. i recently bought a 2x barlow, a 6mm plossl eyepiece and a 15 mm kellner eyepiece along with some filters. i was wondering what would be the best for viewing saturn and jupiter (mainly saturn) if there are eyepieces that you can recommend can you please send a link to a shop were i can buy them from. Thanks
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