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  1. Yep...that’s me for the night!
  2. I love the moon to bits, I really do, but it’s making things a bit tricky tonight! It’s the first clear night for ages and it’s just too full and bright to be much use to look at, and it’s making it difficult to see anything else. In the past 10 minutes I’ve just about managed the Ring Neb but there’s not much definition on it. I’ll give it another hour and see if the moon dips behind the houses. Crystal clear seeing, though. Hope it’s a sign of things to come.
  3. Hi all. Is it possible (or advisable) to add a carrying handle to an 8” dob tube? It’s a [removed word] to cart about! Has anyone tried this? Any tips??? Cheers
  4. Luckily, I find myself off work this week so the kettle’s on, Hobnobs are out (chocolate, of course) and I’m settling myself in front of the telly-box ready to see what these black hole thingies really look like. Very exciting times!
  5. Thanks Mike. Heading to the shops sometime this week and now have quite a shopping list! Was going to have a go at copying some sketches first to get some techniques under my belt. ??
  6. Thanks, mariosi. That all sounds a bit technical! Love the end result though (and your horse head...hope to see that one day?) The videos are really helpful too ??
  7. Thanks, Mark. So you’d suggest a gel pen over a pencil then? How do you go about smudging and that kind of thing? And I’m guessing you just draw your own circles? ? Sketch looks good...just the kind of thing I had in mind! ??
  8. Hi all. I figured that as I’m not going to be affording any imaging gear for a while, I’d like to give sketching a go. I know they’re two completely different disciplines, but I’ve no idea where to start, especially with equipment. If anyone can give advice about type of paper/pencils etc, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. AstroStokie

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Matt Tons of great advice around here ?? And welcome!
  10. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with it...I’m just lazy ?
  11. Thanks for that...Hadn’t even considered magnetic fields and the likes! Will have a rethink...or just bend my back and use the spotter scope!
  12. Hope this is in the right section! Has anyone tried using their phone and a star map type app as a finder? Thought about using one of those iPhone eyepiece camera holders mounted somewhere on the scope and using that to point in roughly the right direction. Just wondered if it’s been done and how useful it was. Cheers.
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