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  1. The same person I know and those are nice scopes but, like you say, they're prone to dewing and the mirrors are too exposed for my liking.
  2. That's what I did when I got my 18". David's telescopes are very well-made.
  3. It's really good, I found it via the latest VAS newsletter, New Zenith, which is a Dark Skies special this month. It's good to have a separate website for what is a big and important local project.
  4. There's now a website for Wight Dark Skies: http://www.darkwightskies.com/
  5. And the comment by one "Lee Majors" is indicative of what the VAS, CfDS, IDA, etc, are all up against. Has he never heard of a torch? Car headlights? Not to mention taking care and being responsible for one's own actions? That said, I do think more needs to be made of the fact that no-one wants to turn off all the lighting but we do want it shining where it is needed and not where it isn't.
  6. I probably won't be there, as I'm away all day. But drop by as they always like to see new faces down there.
  7. This was the first VAS meeting I'd been to in a while but the turnout was up on what I'd seen before, although I think it could have been better. I think that anything online to support the campaign will be via wightastronomy.org, the Vectis AS website, and I don't recall anything being said about future meetings. I think that, once they have the petition filled with as many signatures as possible and letters of support done, the committee will continue to work behind the scenes but keep us updated via the website and the New Zenith newsletter - in fact the next NZ will be a dark skies special.
  8. Thanks Jake. Not wanting to derail the thread but where are you on the island? I'm near Sandown. Brian Curd said the other evening that he noticed a difference and that the cut off really *is* cut off. Hopefully once more of the new lights are installed, the difference will be more noticeable. The only problem I see is, after a wet day, there might be more light scattered up off wet roads and pavements because the lights are brighter.
  9. I didn't finish my sentence in bold and left it late for an edit - They started in Cowes and, although I've not been there at night, what they've done so far has made a positive difference, according to what I have heard.
  10. A lot of the light pollution in the north of the island is from Fawley Refinery and Bob Mizon said at the meeting on Friday that CfDS actually visited the refinery not long ago to speak to them. The refinery's lights date from the 1960s, are very inefficient and the refinery people are apparently planning to change them, or are in the process of changing them, which should improve things no end. Of course, Portsmouth, and to a lesser extent Southampton and Bournemouth, also contribute to skyglow but if the refinery change their lights to the cut-off ones, that will make a very positive difference. The road lighting on the island is also in the process of being changed to cut-off LEDs. They started in Cowes and, although I've not been there at night, what they've done so far has made a positive difference. Now, for the clouds to vanish...
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