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  1. Hi John yes sorry it is but as you say cleaning was practically the same.
  2. Cleaned the scope today there was no degradation on the shivering of the mirror and it wasn't as hard or scary as I thought it would be. The video below shows how to do it the improvement on the scope is amazing. The one thing to watch for though is that he removes screws on the ring. On my scope there aren't any just 2 holes where you put something in and the ring screws off.
  3. That's a good question must have had it about 8 to 10 years now I think.
  4. Anyone know how to clean this although it's pretty much sealed it appears to have dirt on the secondary mirror when I look into the scope from the front I can see what looks like dirty marks and dust. I did try to take it apart through the screw at the bottom but was scared I might damage it so just put it back together lol.
  5. Hi all thanks for the info on this I'm pretty sure my camera doesn't have live view on it and the Elvid fieldvision is a bit pricey for me at the minute. So the Bahnitov mask looks like the way to go for now. Thanks for the links I've already downloaded the template so will let you know how it goes.
  6. Has anyone got any tips on how I can focus the stars better than I can now? At my age my eyesights not so good anymore haha. Problem I find is that when I try to focus through the camera it's a case of hit and miss which is frustrating me. I am using a canon 350d on a Celestron 8" scope. I have read about something that you can place on the front of the scope but can't remember what it's called or where I could get one.
  7. Hi Everyone Just an update on this it was definitely a power issue with the adaptor I was using. I found an old car adaptor in my box of many wires and when I plugged this in it works fine running from the car. So I have bought a new adaptor today. Thanks for all the replies on this.
  8. Thanks for all the replies on this I will check them one by one and let you know what happens. Cheers Mick.
  9. Thanks Geoff since my power tank gave up the ghost I've just used a straight adaptor might be worth investing in a new power tank.
  10. Hi again i have just checked the power under the utilities and it is bouncing between 13 and 16 volts not sure if this is a problem? Mick
  11. Hi thanks for the reply i have tried different power supplies at the minute i have it connected to a 12v adaptor straight in to the mains. The original adaptor broke some time ago and i have tried loads of different ones with the same results or they don't work at all.
  12. Hi i am wondering if anyone here can help me out i have the above telescope the problem i am having is that when i connect it up it has problems with moving, when i press the directional buttons it sometimes moves with no problems but then it just seems to stick and will only then move in tiny increments and will not slew to any given location at all. I.E. when i try to align the scope i can get it to go to the first alignment star when i input the second star it just stays where it is and says it has moved which it hasn't also sometimes it just goes wherever it wants. I have had this mount fo
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