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  1. Hi Sathya Thanks very much for the reply...Yes I joined an Altair Astro facebook forum today to pose the question direct to them ...I have asked 2 questions via their online form over a matter of 3 weeks and never got a reply. Got a reply from them on the forum today saying it is 55mm but still not where to measure it from!...they say there is no diagram as they dont have access to the design!...seems a bit ridiculous as its marketed under their name. I think you are probably right re the base of the T thread...would be nice though if suppliers could give the information about their own products! Thanks Again Tom
  2. Thanks for the quick reply LightBucket Yes it is a reducer flattener I agree it should be advertised by the manufacturer...there should at least be a diagram supplied with it but it comes with absolutely no literature....which is a disappointment....come on Altair Astro include some instructions! Would be much easier if they could just say where to take a measuremnet from on the outside of the reducer,instead it looks like I will have to carefully measure the distance to each lens from each end without scratching them ...then work out what the gap between them is then mark a point on the outside corresponding to the middle of this gap to measure from! Thanks for the info again LightBucket re the 2 lenses. Tom
  3. Hi All I posted recently asking about suitability of using a 0.6 reducer with a 66mm scope....to cut a long story short I decided to get one and try it with my Megrez 72. I bought one (the Altair 0.6 reducer flattener) and it arrived yesterday ...however there are no instructions or diagrams whatsover included (not good) and I am wondering about the back focus spacing. After some searching online it seems the measurement is 55mm.....however I cant find a diagram of this exact reducer anywhere showing where to measure the distance from. I emailed the shop and they kindly replied saying they 'thought' it was from the lens of the reducer itself but not sure. Usually there is a point on the reducer like a certain shoulder to measure the distance to your camera sensor from. Does anyone have this reducer and know where to measure from? ...or a link to a diagram? Thanks in advance Tom
  4. Thanks for that John and Chris...My 1st thought was to buy that scope and 0.6 reducer which are for sale at £280 on a site and sell my Megrez 72 .... BUT I have since thought why not buy the 0.6 Altair reducer and try it on my Megrez72 this would bring it's focal length down from 432mm (not much more than the 400mm of the 60mm scope) to 259mm which should do Have looked for some reviews on that combination and seems the jury is out ...one picture of the Horsehead showed some weird looking stars quite a way in from the edge...not just elongated but 'spikey' artifacts some have said it's not too bad. The cheapest I have seen it is at £99....cant find it as low as £79 John do you have a link? It seems the 0.8 reducer is a better match and WO do one for this scope but I want to try even wider than that will drop it. So at £99 I think I will give it a punt....if the pics turn out horrible due to incompatibility I can always sell it on. If I do get one I will post some before and after pics on here. Tom
  5. Hi All I have seen a combination of an Atair Lightwave 66mm and the .6 reducer for sale and wondered if anyone had used the same or similar combination I have been thinking of trying some widefield stuff and been contemplating a camera lens setup. But wondered if the above would be a good alternative The scope is this http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/review/telescopes/altair-astro-lightwave-66ed-r-refractor Which has a focal length of 400mm but with the .6 reducer here https://www.altairastro.com/lightwave-0.6x-reducer.html would bring it down to 240mm which would be great for what I want to try like Heart and Soul nebs and Rosette etc and general wide fields The cam I would use would be my QHY163C which is a 4/3 sensor. Anyone used these 2 together or similar? ....I dont mind doing some very small cropping if it doesnt flatten the field perfectly
  6. yes it gets ever more complicated i am thinking of taking up knitting as a hobby
  7. Hi William Thanks very much for that detailed expalnanation....greatly appreciated. Looks like lots of experimenting will will be required. Prior to getting the tracing pad I took apart an old unused 12" PC monitor I had hoping to use the LED screen from it but found it used tiny fluorescent tubes and part of its circuits board to produve the current to drive it and didnt fancy messing with mains voltage circuits etc .....It did however have 3 or 4 sheets of a Mylar type plastic to even out the light so I kept these and may be able to utilise them as light reducing filters. Lots of usefil info there...thanks again Tom
  8. I noticed an LED panel to use for flats mentioned in another thread and it looks good value for 12" x 12" for £15 inc driver here https://tinyurl.com/ybtasxun It is available in Natural White 4500k, warm white 3500k and cool white 6500k ...which of these is better for flats or is there any difference? I currently use a small electroluminescent panel for my Wave 102mm refractor which was much more expensive but plan on getting a C.95/C11 soon so wanted something bigger I recently bought this from ebay https://tinyurl.com/y9ku7v8q It seems quite good but I haven't actually used it yet and the wife has her eyes on it since it arrived for her art work tracing etc So if the £15 one would do I could get that and give her the one I have....just wondered if the colour temp made any difference re flats? Tom
  9. Hi I too would like one and willingly pay more than you ask...I dont expect anyone to do things for next to nothing If you make anymore can you add me to you PM list. Thanks Tom
  10. Thanks for that John...wow that set up looks great...I like the motorised focuser is it a commecially available setup or do you have a 3d printer? Will look out for takumar stuff and add to list if I get any more replies. Tom
  11. Hi All I am thinking about trying some widefield photography so have been researching mounting a camera lens to my QHY163C OSC camera. Even my shortest f/l scope wont fit in the whole of the Rosette Neb and would like to have a go at things like the Heart and Soul nebs in the same shot. I posted in another thread re mounting etc and am now aware how critical the distance from mount to sensor is ...I will be wanting to use something like the orange Geoptik adapter. What I want to ask is for recomendations of a lens to use. I realise there are some very well suited and respected new lenses but these are totally out of my price range. What I am after is an older lens ...any suitable make....round about 135 f/l or better 80 to 210 ish zoom if useable I dont do SLR photograhy and this lens could be permanently mounted on the mount in the obs and would only be used for astro stuff. Ideally I would just love to be able to attach the cam to it by the cams 2" nosepiece just like an eyepiece so making it easy to swap between scopes and camera lens....however I now realise this will be almost impossible as this would be 18mm for the QHY163 back focus/19mm for the Geoptik holder and 40mm for the 2" eyepiece socket making 77mm, when nearer 55mm is the usual measurement so will have to mount via the screw it all together method There seems lots of lenses crop up online for under £50 but am not sure what to look for re all the autofocus connections etc which obviously wont be required. So basically just a commonly available older resonable quality camera lens....any recomendations will be gratefully received and added to a list. Tom
  12. very nice protostar:) ....seems a popular choice ...prob outside my funds though as would only be used for occasional astrowork ...if I had a DSLR would get used more but I don't.
  13. Hi Michael Thanks for that...yes I use Stellarium and from that about 135mm to 200mm would be what I am after.....I sold all my 35mm camera stuff a while ago for next to nothing and had a Tamron 80-200 zoom that I could have tried so wish I had kept that now.....are old camera zooms as above a useable idea? Was asking re camera lenses as it would never be used for visual just astrophotography so would be a cheaper route than buying a small focal length low focal ratio telescope...it would be mounted on top of one of my scopes.
  14. thanks guys will add these lenses to the list and look out for them...very nice mosaic Uranium Whats this quiz champion in your sig?...is there a quiz league here?...is it an astro quiz or a GK quiz? (only asking as am a mad keen pub quizzer ...hence the name)...am going to be on the soon to be on TV next series of 15-1 ...filmed in Nov last year
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