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  1. Dust devils traces left on the surface of Mars
  2. RADIO

    Messier 7

    Astrograph RH200 F3
  3. Data taken with RH 200, 300 s
  4. Anyone having experience using the Apogee Aspen CCD camera ?
  5. RADIO

    Eyepiece Case - Widefield

    Given the investment ...better to put them in a Pelicase.
  6. RADIO

    Super Astrograph !

    OS RH200 , a fantastic instrument extremely fast at F/3
  7. RADIO

    Full Moon

    Santiago compostela
  8. RADIO

    After rain !

    Fisheye 16mm @f 4.0 & sony a 7s 20 s untraked
  9. RADIO

    Elephant Trunk Nebula

    Trusense 16803 CCD 2.5 h in LRGB Pixinsight, CS5
  10. Each frame with 16803 sensor
  11. under dark skies, southern Italy
  12. RADIO

    TAK EM 500 USD old fashion !

    That one is from the 90's and extremely sturdy.
  13. RADIO

    Orion M42 Ha/SII

    Ha & Sulfur II 3nm with RH 200 on Kaf 16803 Total Ha Maxim Pixinsight CS5
  14. RADIO

    Rosetta in Ha

    RH200 F/3 and Kaf 16803 ccd Ha 3nm
  15. RADIO

    350 mm Astrograph

    Testing phase on Paramount ME
  16. RADIO

    Rho Ophucius Nebula

    Scary nebula complex Astrograph 350 mm F3 & Kaf 16803 Maxim Pixinsight CS5 2 h 11 min in LRGB Baader filters 50 mm
  17. RADIO

    50 " Dob

    Goto with servocat , imagine under dark skies !
  18. My old but trusty GEM Takahashi EM 500 USD
  19. RADIO


    ASA DDM 85 Kaf 16803 Maxim Pixinsight CS5
  20. RADIO

    Flame & Cone Nebula

    AG 14" F3.0 customed LRGB Ha 29 hours total on ASA mount with Kaf 16803
  21. RADIO

    Lagoon Nebula

    Customed AG 14" F3.0 ASA mount Kaf 16803 Maxim DL Pixinsight CS5
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