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  1. Spotted a gap in the clouds and got 30 minutes in the garden. Not bad for holding a smartphone up to the eyepiece! One with the 10mm and one with the 20mm. And got the Orion nebula too. Feel very lucky to be able to just nip out into the garden to do this! Brilliant. I fear this could be a slippery slope ?
  2. Hi Alan64 no need for apologies, thanks for the information. This was bought to see how we get on with star gazing with a telescope, and if we enjoy it recognising that we would need to learn about it all as we went, so all education is welcome. If in a year I understand fully what your post means then consider that the hobby has taken off ?
  3. Just to say thank you everyone. Grabbed 20 minutes before Dad taxi duty - we had clear view of the moon. Scope out, aligned with starfinder, boom, we have the moon. Even with just the 20mm eyepiece the families astounded. We are up and running and excited! If it wasn't now cloudy of course ? Thanks all once again. Now to read up the sticky on setting up an equatorial mount properly. Baby steps!
  4. Thanks Joe. I had aligned during the day, but then moved the telescope before bringing it back out to cool down in the high air once we had a clear night. Clearly somewhere along the way something had moved. But I know to be mindful of it now and also to remember where to position my head relative to the finder and keep that consistent each time I use it. The annoyance was the last night it was clear I could see the Orion nebula with the naked eye! But couldn't get near it with a scope..... still, better nights are coming I'm sure with all the advice above. Think I'll stick to f
  5. Thanks all once again. Particularly thanks BiggarDigger - your experience with the same scope is massively helpful. I was amazed how far misaligned it had got as I was sure I had been careful with it and set it. Your post has confirmed to me that I need to keep it in mind, and, also remain patient till I have a big old moon in the sky to check with. Can't miss that, right? ?. And hearing what you did to help improve the situation is also much appreciated. Moonshane - Thanks, I can't wait till Polaris looks like that! Thanks everyone, really appreciate the time you've all taken to he
  6. Wow thanks everyone that has taken the time to respond, and encourage, it is much appreciated! Having got the scope out in daylight I have discovered the starfinder scope is way out of alignment. How isn't clear, but something I will know to keep an eye on before I start viewing at night again. Sadly tonight is cloudy, frustrating ? Aligning the star finder at night seems difficult as there are lots of stars but you are of course right, Polaris and a bit of patience and I should be ok. Just stick with the star that doesn't move! Part of the issue is not necessarily knowing what
  7. Hi All, We got an Astromaster EQ130 for christmas. As a family we've enjoyed looking at the night sky with the naked eye and decided it would be fun to try with something dedicated. We live in Dorset in the UK, in a smallish village. So far viewing has been from the back garden - we have a particularly good view to the south. I've set up the telescope as per instructions and aligned starfinder with telescope fov with a distance point in daylight. At the moment we just have what came in the box - starfinder, 20mm (with prism to get the image the right way up) and 10mm eyep
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