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  1. Thanks very much for the input, I've seen plenty for a little over a fiver delivered on eBay, so I'll order one.
  2. Thanks for the reply, don't think I need an adapter as it is a direct dslr fitment 2 inch focuser. I thought it was Newtonians that need the extension ?
  3. Hi, I've just purchased a canon 450d, as I'm going to give Astro photography a try, I have a skywatcher evostar 102, but I don't know which t ring to buy, can anyone suggest please ?
  4. Is anyone using or rather anyone tried using their iPhone for astrophotography ? If so, are you getting any half decent results ?
  5. The first sounds like an apochromatic and the second just a normal refractor, OTA stands for Only Tube Assembly, which means it doesn't come with a mount, you'd have to buy one seperatley.
  6. It did cross my mind about the loose nuts and bolts, will have a look and see if it makes a difference.
  7. Well if it makes viewing and imaging (in the future) better, then it's going to be worth it i reckon. Need to save !
  8. I've just been reading up on the calculations and my scope having a 660mm focal length, just wouldn't entertain 3x power on a smaller eyepiece, so i may as well just get a x2 barlow and enjoy the wider field of view on a larger eye piece, correct ?
  9. Well i have a celeston nexstar 102 slt, 4" refractor, so my maximum magnification will be 200x ? I need to find out what magnifications each eye piece give and go from there i guess.
  10. Excellent, better start working more hours then ! Only thing is, the focuser would be on the side of the tube when mounted on an EQ mount rather than the bottom, unless you can take out the screws which hold it together in the tube assembly and turn it round ?
  11. I've just bought a Celestron nexstar 102 slt GOTO and already i'm wondering if i could fit the tube assembly to a better mount, anybody know ?
  12. Who said you need a big scope to get amazing images ! WOW
  13. Thats ok, not going to be imaging in a hurry, at least until i know my way around the sky etc. I read that they are supposed to be well put together, thats why i'm interested.
  14. I'm posting this as a matter of opinion, just bought my first scope : A celestron nexstar 102 slt GOTO, quite impressed with the optics for the money, but as for the GOTO mount, it's pretty carp and shows the smallest of vibrations, also i've come to realise that GOTO really isnt the way forward in a matter of days, i wish i'd bought a similar scope on a better mount without the GOTO as i've found my self hardly using it with the auto star and just manually pointing it at objects via the use of a star chart. It's really not as difficult as you think to find objects in the sky ! So bare this in mind if you are undecided on GOTO or a manual system.
  15. I think i'm going to give it a try, its only £35 at the end of the day, so cant really end up in tears. I live in a part of cumbria where there are many very dark/accesable places, so i'm expecting to get some good views. Thanks for the replies, James.
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