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  1. 1 hour ago, Stu said:

    Fabulous setup David, you will have fun with that! Purely visual? I'm guessing you will run in AltAz mode in that case? I had a 150mm f9 doublet on an AZEQ6 and it worked very nicely.

    Look forward to seeing pictures soon.

    I would definitely work on some form of semi permanent setup to make the most of it though. 150 Esprit isn't light!

    Yes I think purely visual for now. I'm going to tackle the photo possibilities with the 100 once I get a flattener.


  2. Hi all, I just bought a neat little EP from FLO called a TeleVue Nagler Zoom 3-6

    When it arrived it's a tiny little thing but I love it already!! Anyone else here got one who can give me their opinion? I think I should find this eyepiece handy!

    One of my top items to find to view and photo is the Clavius Crater on the moon.

    Cheers. David

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  3. Exciting times folks! Been saving up for ever it seems but thanks to Martin, and indeed all At FLO I have taken delivery of my Esprit Pro 150, and the mount - a Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT in EQ and Alt Az.

    A huge amount of large boxes on the doorstep to be sure.

    It certainly is a big box that the scope came in. With a handle and 2 wheels! Because I don't have a permanent set up area it's definitely will be a well planned event to get out and set up for an evening viewing session.

    Together with some rather nifty looking TeleVue EP's I reckon I should have some fun. Pictures to follow as soon as I have time to set it all up. And some form of amateur review!

    Cheers to FLO for the good service!

    More to add soon. David in Cumbria

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  4. 4 hours ago, noah4x4 said:

    The other unforseen problem is affixing the Starsense camera to the second OTA. The Celestron version comes with a very clever 'shoe'. You can remove and reinstall the Camera from this 'shoe' for transport without recalibration. You can even save seperate calibration profiles for each OTA. The problem is you can't buy a seperate 'shoe.' Hence, you may find it impossible to buy a HC/interface adapter plus 'shoe'. Yes, it could be affixed using other accessory mounts, but would need recalibration on every use. Faced with this,  I ultimately bought two Starsense units for my main scope and seperate 'grab & go' ! 

    Thanks all for the replies. I indeed Just had to do the same - buy both!!!

  5. Hi all I am looking for a good finderscope and bracket for my Skywatcher Esprit 100

    I would like something a bit more fixed than the 2 rings / 3 screws design it came with. Something maybe with adjustment screws etc a bit more like setting up a rifle sight?

    This does not have to fit the finder scope I have, I dont mind buying the whole assembly if its good ! Once the scope goes away in its case the finder comes off so if its reasonably on target once re fitted I am happy !!

    Recommendations welcome please? Wondering about the Baader Super Sky Surfer?

    Cheers. David

  6. Hi all. When I first set out i bought a couple of Vixen SSW Ep's. I read a bit later that beginners may struggle with eye placement. This is true. So if I use my other eyepieces for a season or two in people's experience here does it get easier to use such equipment? I don't want to sell them!!

    Cheers. David

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  7. Hi all, I had to post here and say thanks to SGL for yet again wonderful advice! I recently bought an EP from the classified section and just happened to ask the seller about a recommendation for a good, buy once moon / planetary EP.

    The advice given was a superbly written article with spec and focal length details / advantages of each. The guy who wrote it will know who he is from this post. The article could well become a sticky if the mods are interested in a read?

    So out of all the choices for my scope I ordered from FLO a Tele Vue Delite 4mm. When it arrives I will certainly post feedback. Thanks Mike - I won't reveal details in case he get flooded with enquiries!!!

    Report to come later! Cheers all


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