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  1. Yes, I think some previous owner added it to be able to use the scope power free as there’s nothing wrong with the internal electronic focusing. I may see if my baader 2” clicklock would be a straight swap.
  2. That sounds awesome mate, did you complete the build yourself? ive just had the scope out for Mars and the Orion Nebula and it performed perfectly! ive just put it up for sale on Astro, if it sells I’m sure I’ll always regret in.
  3. It’s just powered from a DC transformer mate, I’ll double check the amperage. I’ve never tried running anscope from a PC, but will give it a go.Im also hoping to pick up a new mount like an EQ6GT for different OTAs and get into some imaging. thanks for all your help so far, I just need the rain to calm down to get the scope indoors and see what’s what.
  4. Hi Michael, the mount is on a wedge and home made pier, it just randomly decides to reset and return to parked position, it also can take half a dozen power cycles to get it working at all. Mid love to be able to get it repaired or even de forked. I did see a 10” rcx that had an arduino used to control all the internal electronics. very cool, but I couldn’t get any info out of the seller.
  5. Looks a cracking mount buddy. Good luck on Astro. mind I’m only over the road too tho
  6. Hard to do with the extent of the electronics inside the tube. I may need to bike the bullet and give it a try tho!
  7. Half the grief with these tubes is the electronics are in the tube itself. electronic focusing dew heaters fans gps and these all work fine. The bloody thing can just never remember where or what it’s doing so returns to home where you’ve to start again. its a shame and although cheap, it wasn’t “buggered” cheap
  8. Ok it’s time to tackle the elephant in the garden. It’s pretty much not been used for 18 months since the electronics have had a mind of their own since I bought it. Common problem apparently and SC won’t touch it at spares are unobtainable. It does work, sometimes, but always ends up resetting to the start point. Ending up in trying to use the behemoth by motor control alone. im hoping i can manage to get it resurrected somehow. anyway here goes, inbetween showers of course.
  9. Hi Brian, I’ve been originally looking for an EQ6GT, but may consider yours. is it still available buddy? im only over Stirling way so collection shouldn’t be an issue. cheers
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