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  1. trudie

    Time to say hello

    Hiya from me too. Trudie
  2. thats a cracking image Phil, All the best Trudie
  3. Hiya from me too Trudie
  4. Hi Robin, Thats a really sharp image, nice one. All the best Trudie
  5. I think this is the best so far, must have pushed the ED to the limit now, perhaps its time to try elusive DSO's ARRGGHHHHH !!!! Trudie Whoops forgot to attach the picture, must be the thought of trying to find DSO's.
  6. That is incredible, almost feels like you could touch it. Congrats Trudie
  7. Now you've got my enthusiasm back, great image, I never realised just what you can get out of the ED80. Well done Trudie
  8. Looks good to me, if thats not knowing how the camera works, they'll be amazing when you've sussed it out Trudie
  9. It looks great to me already, I'd be more than happy if I could prodce half as good as that Trudie
  10. trudie


    That shot is beautiful, it just inspires me to keep looking, in the hope I may see something one day Congrats Trudie
  11. Hi Bill, It was messed about with in Roxio Photosuite, I started with saturation, when I lowered it , it turned blue, so I did'nt do any more to it as I liked the effect. All the best Trudie
  12. Hi all, I love the Moon when it looks like this, so had another play with the nikon at different settings this evening, your comments good or bad will be appreciated, as I have never really tried my hand at photography other than the usual family snapshots. Taken with Nikon 5700 on tripod, the blue one was just a bit of fun. Trudie
  13. Good luck Caz, take care of yourself Luv Trudie
  14. Settings were ISO 400, F2.8, 1/2 sec exposure, Trudie
  15. I'm so glad its not just me that can't find M51, I'm sure its not there and these experts are making it all up. I like the M44 image though. Trudie
  16. I like that one, good on ya !! Trudie
  17. Hi Rog, I'm running out of compliments super image (AGAIN) !!!!! All the best Trudie
  18. Yet another goody Rog, almost feel like you could touch it, Trudie
  19. Super, as we would all expect them to be, nice one Rog Trudie
  20. Hiya, I know how you feel, it was worth it to get that piccie though, its excellent. All the best Trudie
  21. Super image John, Looks like it was pretty clear where you are Trudie
  22. Have not been feeling too clever lately, so scope has not been out, but the moon looked so good tonight I had to just get the camera out. Taken using Nikon 5700, on tripod, no idea what settings as other half not here and camera is his. Played with in PS 7. Strange image but I like it. Trudie Just realised I think I may have got Pleiades in there as well
  23. Well done Kain, many congrats, move over Rog, Trudie
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