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  1. Hope you all have a fantastic time I'm certain you will. Trudie
  2. Congrats Rog, well deserved. Can I have your autograph when i come over with the CD. Trudie
  3. Can any who has done this upgrade help please. The new control panel straight out of the packaging has two nylon plugs one a 5-way and the other a 6-way. The six way plug is as follows :- blue (?) black red yellow brown white All of the wires from the back of the plug dissappear under the circuit board except the blue which is a bare end. I don't know if this is normal or if the blue wire should also connect under the circuit board. Thanks Trudie's mechanic (other half Phil)
  4. Thanks Guys, I'll take you up on that Rog, my copy obviously went with the 130 when I sold it. Trudie
  5. Hi All, I have Celestrons "The Sky" on my main PC and would like to copy the programme onto the laptop, but don't seem to be able to do this, any suggestions please? Thanks Trudie
  6. Wow !!!!!! Amazing shot, definatley worth loosing sleep for. Trudie
  7. Hi Guys, Need a bit of advise, I am on the verge of buying the above camera, to get me started in DSO's without spending too much. ( I am also just about to order HEQ5 go to upgrade kit) so can't push my luck too much. I need to know your thoughts on the camera, it will be used with the ED80 on the HEQ5. 1. Do you think this will be ok? 2. Are they reasonably easy to get to grips with? Thanks all Trudie
  8. Welcome from me too, If you support Southend, do you live in the area if so you may be just up the road from me. My 1st scope was the 130, great for viewing, Regards Trudie
  9. Thanks all, it was great fun, and Rog is a real Gent, My thanks again Rog. Trudie
  10. Looks smashing in colour, great image. Trudie
  11. I took Rog up on his offer of a lesson in "how to" last night. Using Rog's gear (and with a great deal of help) this was the result, my very first DSO. Many many thanks Rog, Goto and Atik here I come. Trudie
  12. Very pretty, you experts must have bookshelfs full of albums, we mere mortals look on with awe (and green eyes) All the best Trudie
  13. Another beauty, looks like I better save all my pennies up. Trudie
  14. Dream on Rog, I shall just stand in awe at your skill. Will definatley come over soon though, no babysitting services booked at the mo. Trudie
  15. Wow Rog, I'm beginning to think you have the Midas touch. That one is fantastic. Trudie
  16. Beautifull, I really like that one Trudie
  17. Hi Phil,another goodie I see before me. About the spc900, where do I find out about getting it modded or I have a very handy hubby if instructions are available. Cheers Trudie
  18. Very nice Martin, so glad its not just me who forgets everything. Trudie
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