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  1. I'm sure this is just one of many hundreds of posts about correct spacings on here - I think I've just about got it but I need to confirm a couple of things with folks who have more experience than me on these matters. My scope is a Skywatcher Evostar 80ED-DS Pro - one which I'm sure anyone here is familiar with and needs little introduction. I'm using the accompanying field flattener/reducer, which requires 55mm of back focus. The off axis guider I plan to use is an OVL Off Axis Guider - it is thin enough that in combination with my camera I should have the required back focus provi
  2. Cheers for the suggestion. I'm not entirely sure how I would go about fitting one of those though. I can see that in the top of the tube rings there are two holes, would that have something to do with it? I agree the OAG is overkill, but I'm looking at it with a bit of futureproofing in mind, as well as avoiding the problem of the wee finder dewing up (despite a dewshield). Is it definitely not worth getting an OAG here? It would be quite reassuring to be able to slap one on the end of the scope with the assurance any flexure in my setup would be eliminated.
  3. Hi all, My setup consists of an NEQ-6 with a Skywatcher 80ED-DS + .85x Focal Reducer. I tried to guide using the 9x50 finderscope that came with the telescope kit (worth about £50) and a ZWO-ASI 120MM CCD camera. I went for 10 minute subs, and verified this wasn't pushing my polar alignment by sticking around for the first sub to come in, and hooray, pin-point stars. So I set it up to take more exposures for the next couple of hours, went and had a brew and put my feet up. I've come to inspect my subs, and have found almost all of them have some kind of minor error. I believe i
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