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  1. Thank you! It is a short 5 second video, stacked in Autostakkert 2. Registax crashed when trying to stack it so. I will wait until they get higher!
  2. Thank you, yes the turbulence was very noticable with my 2X Barlow. It was a short 5 secondish video.
  3. Hi all, I have a Nexstar 6SE and am using an unmodded 1200d. Is this pic any good for this time of year, close to Bristol, UK? I am new to planetary imaging and kind of hoped it would be a bit bigger, or I could maybe make out the Cassini division. I know it's not very good this year as the planets are very low. In a few years when they are higher up, will I be able to make out more detail? Thanks!
  4. The 340 Metre wide asteroid Apophis will pass by very close to earth at 19,000 miles. It however will be visible on the 13th of April, 2029 ?
  5. Jojo204


    What’s up bill? welcome to the stargazing forum! (breaking up the monotonous pattern here) - Jojo!
  6. Welcome to the Lounge Davhei!
  7. Now that seems a pretty logical and good idea. Only problem is if I sell my kit then the person receiving it would cause more clouds for all of us.
  8. Unfortunately I am! Directly under all the morning KLM flights to Amsterdam from South America!
  9. Sounds like a good idea but I don't want aircraft to collide with it ?
  10. Aha! that's what I need, little later though, don't have the money for one yet.
  11. unfortunately I seem to go out of breath before they move
  12. Hi all, recently got setup and everything but info some clouds came in the way. Of course these limit my viewing as they block my telescope from the stars, so I was wondering how to make them go away? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi all, out photographig Jupiter this morning and looked very good through the live view but unfortunately each picture when I zoomed into Jupiter it was just noise and no banding was visible. My iso was 3200. Would this be the reason for the cream ball of noise? I attached a pic through the live view which was much better.
  14. Hi there, welcome to SGL! - Jojo
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