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  1. Jojo204

    Greeting from Earth

  2. Jojo204

    What did the postman bring?

    A 2X and 5X Barlow!
  3. Jojo204

    Processing Jupiter Help!

    Looks good so far, done everything but the stack button in AS is not highlighted (clickable) EDIT: Nevermind works now
  4. Hi all, I have recently gone out to take a few frames of Jupiter, and as I don't have a barlow it comes quite small. Whenever I go to stack it in Registax it has virtually no effect on the image. If any of you could help that'd be great! I attached one of the frames, you can just make out the great spot if you zoom in slightly. Thanks
  5. Very nice composition @Scooot! - Jojo
  6. Jojo204

    How to look at a black hole

    Sounds like this’ll keep me busy next few hours!
  7. Jojo204

    How to look at a black hole

    Ah yes what I mean is that it would be cool cause you know you are looking at a black hole definitely, not probably,from your garden.
  8. Hi all, just something to think about here. Let’s say Betelgeuse explodes within the next week. Woah pretty cool ok. Now it’s been a while and all the hyped died down. Let’s say it turns into a black hole. If we use our autoguiding scopes and align them then tell them to point to Betelgeuse, would we be ‘seeing’ a black hole? Pretty cool.
  9. Jojo204


    Welcome! - Jojo
  10. Jojo204

    Brand new

    Welcome! And welcome back to the hobby! Looking forward to seeing some of your future results! - Jojo
  11. Hi all, while photographing the planets I have noticed how small they are and figured I need a 2X Barlow. Which would you recommend that’s not too expensive for my 6SE? Thanks
  12. Jojo204


    Yea thanks, it was because the alignment originally wasn’t correct so it only picked two frames.
  13. Hi all, was stacking a few moon frames on registax and for some reason when I clicked ‘limit’ to best 65%, it just gave me one frame and said ‘processing limited to two frames’ I must be doing something wrong, help!
  14. I’ve always been a zoomed in kinda person liking to zoom in to small nebulas or planetary details but for some reason I’m now starting to like ultra wildfield shots, 15mm focal length for example. Why!! I do really love how you can see the arrangement of so many different stars though. any clue as to what’s causing my condition?
  15. Jojo204

    Registax + Mars HELP!

    Will let you know what happens but now there seems to be clear skies!

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