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  1. I would be doing astrophotography
  2. The ioptron one has GPS and wifi option available . Will it make any difference ?
  3. It is in Indian system . Wait I'll convert it into $ , 1- 2,103$ (skywatcher) 2- 1,952$ (I-optron) 3- 2,311$ (I-optron with istarFi)
  4. I want to put my gso 8" f/6(dob mount) (13kg) ota on a go-to mount . I have shortlisted these : 1- skywatcher EQ 6R go-to ( cost : 1,58,400 INR ) 2- I-optron CEM40 with polarscope go-to mount (cost : 1,47,000 INR ) 3- I-optron CEM40 with I-polar and IstarFi go-to mount (cost : 1,74,000 ). Which one should I buy ?
  5. I was using a solar filter . And due to a mistake , a hole is created at the centre of the filter . Can i do something to rapair it or should a buy a new solar film ?
  6. But here in India , astronomik filters aren't available . Skywatcher ones are around 5000rs (71.58 dollars) and a cheap uhc filter around 1600rs (23 dollars) (SVOBONY)
  7. What should be the min magnification to see star clusters , nebulas or galaxy . I have 200mm 1200mm dob and a 30mm 2" ep which gives me 40x magn . Should i keep searching with it or should try with 1.25" ep . I have 20mm , 12.5 mm , 9mm 6.5mm ep (1.25") .
  8. So will i see (or make out )north america nebula fron UHC filter ?
  9. GSO IR filter or SVBONY UHC filter for visual astronomy . I have GSO 8" F/6 dob and i live in red zoned area of light pollution .
  10. Should i go for gosky lpr filters ? I live in red zoned light polluted area and eagerly want to see star clusters or nebula or galaxy which are not visible under lp skies . I have GSO 8" f/6 dob
  11. I have an 8" f/6 dobsonian by GSO . It has an altitude tension and balancing system . It comprises of a scale and the telescope can be moved up or down few centimeters to attain desired balance . Please help me and tell me that at what mark should i lock my scope if i use it with 1.25 or 2" ep to prevent it from sinking .
  12. Please specify the asseccories which i should buy for astrophotography with my 8" f/6 telescope . Dslr : canon 760d .
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