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  1. as far as i can make out it is most residential area's will be lights out after midnight. but as always you will get the doomsayers who think that by turning them of we will be returning to the dark ages. lance
  2. good,morning just heard on a local station that there is a plan to switch off street lights in most area's of essex at mid night as from next april. i diid hear a rumour a while back but this is the first time i have heard it broadcast. i know a few area's where this is the case already but this sounds much more widespread. i won't hold my breath though:rolleyes: lance
  3. i too , found it very difficult to see last night even with it on the c.m both through my c8 and tal 100 which have shown it very clearly in recent weeks it appeared very washed out and faint, the c8 did show it a bit better of course, but still indistinct. there was a cover of hazy thin high cloud drifting in from the west but the seeing was not to bad . i think as has been said haze can reduce its contrast a lot and the dew was terrible. clear skies lance
  4. hi,all a much better night seeing wise so i thought i would use the tal 100 for a change, as it has not seen much use lately, the better seeing allowing me to use 200x with no breakdown in the image. . had an excellent view of the start of io's transit and was able to follow the moon on jupiters disc for 11 minutes after the transit had begun, i always notice how much easier it is to see their tiny but distinct discs against the planet rather the black of the sky. io appearing as a brilliant white spot. also observed the sart of the shadow transit. times io begins transit 2214L shadow begins transit 2254L checked this morning on the s&t site and my times are both 2 mins earlier, lance p.s off to norfolk for a few days this afternoon. not taking any telescopes just bins !!
  5. hi,all i have noticed that there are a few area's in the country which have there own social groups. and there are a good few members scattered across essex and the south east in general. who would be intersted in starting such a group. any feedback would be appreciated. lance
  6. yep was hoping to see the europa events myself but totally clouded out now. saw it rolling in on 'sat 24' but did not think it would arrive so quickly. mind you the seeing is terrible, whats it like for you guys. lance
  7. hi. yes, well sort of what you are seeing is the shadow of ganymede. the actual transit of the moon itself finished around 9.30 europa is due to start a transit very shortly totally cloudy now where i am , but did catch the shadow transit and ganymede leaving the disc, myself. lance
  8. hi,steve there is a lot of activity on both sides of the neb did you see the large depression on the southern edge directly above the grs 'below the grs in your scope', very prominent. lance
  9. hi managed to observe hartley with binoculars tonight not a brilliant sky, very hazy close to the horizon . but my 9x63 vixen ultima's showed it as a very compact hazy glow , similar in brightness to m33. with a slight brightning towards the centre. a pair of 10x50's failed to show it at all does any one know what its magnitude is at the moment. most sites i look at seem to say between 5.5 and 7. lance
  10. hi all decided to get the 250mm sct out tonight as it is clear again. and try for some grs transit times seeing not as good as last night, with the image breaking down above 200x. but at least the breeze is keeping the dew at bay. managed the following times grs preceding edge = 2152 centre= 2205 following edge = 2216 all times local. now to try for that pesky little comet with bins ,. before the clouds roll in. theres a few wisps appearing already clear skies lance
  11. hi all i too managed to observe last nights transit. missed the start due to jupiter being behind my neighbors house. but managed to get the following timings. shadow on the c.m , 2203 local io exits disc , 2242 local shadow exits , 2315 local. have not checked how accurate i was yet. seeing was good but very dewey again, 200mm sct at 225x. clear skies lance
  12. yes it was a damp one. but usually this does mean a steady atmosphere and good seeing if you can combat the dew. its not often that my corrector plate gets dewed up usually the dew shield is enough. its my e/p's that suffer the most especially when you breathe on them, which happens with me when i look through the finder. as i am left eye dominant. p.s forgot to mention also got uranus as well, which is easy to find just to the upper left of jupiter 'both are visible in a finders field of view' a tiny but distinct blue disc at 200-300x. lance
  13. first clear night for a while. and rather good seeing, observed jupiter with my 200mm sct at 225x from 2130 local time . the grs had just passed transit and was a very prominent salmon pink colour. lots of detail along the southern edge of the neb. and many fainter dusky bands visible in the temperate zones. all in all a very nice view . but very dewey had the heaters on both the corrector and the eyepeice. the corrector was suffering despite the 400mm long dew shield:mad:. clear slies lance
  14. thanks for the replies Be interesting to watch if it does Make a return .
  15. hi, all my first post for a while. observed jupiter this morning with my 200mm sct. at 210x and there was a distinct faint dusky band in the seb position a possible come back ?. clear skies lance
  16. yes i can feel a permanent pier coming on. eventually a roll off shed, that eq 6 is a lump, the tube itself is not too bad weighs just under 30 pounds . lance
  17. been trying to resist this , since i brought the little zs 66. the guy was selling to fund a 12 inch lightbridge as he is not getting any younger. and the 10 inch sct was just getting to much hassle to set up. now i have got to find somewhere to hide it;)
  18. yes , as you are buying it face to face make sure you get to look through it first. it may be as david said in an earlier reply a skywatcher or helios under another brand name, on the ebay one there are a lot of components which are almost certainly made by synta, who make the skywatcher kit. but at the end of the day its the optics which count and the only way to be sure is to look through it at night. lance
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