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  1. - 1 for SGP. I, and many others have had issues with SGP's focus routine. There have been many requests for the developers to improve it, but these are routinely ignored. Just last week I lost several hours worth of images - during a routine refocusing during a sequence whilst I was napping, it screwed up the focus and then continued imaging, "refocusing" several times over a number of hours. Each time the "focus" was massively out. SGP is also inclined to crash (I am not the only one to experience this) randomly. I am currently looking at replacing it with CCDCiel (free): https://www.ap-i.net/ccdciel/en/start by the author of Cartes di Ciel and Voyager: (69 Euros) https://software.starkeeper.it/index.php/voyager/ For a test of voyager inbuilt autofocus routines see this thread: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/641435-starkeeper-voyager-software/ Both of these have the most responsive customer support I've ever seen - I have had several queries on both. FWIW Gary
  2. I used to use one too, but found that on a cold night things got iffy after 4 hours or so of viewing. The 40amp hour allows me to go literally all night (if I travel 3 hours to a dark sky sight, I'm gonna use ever minute of the night!!!) and not run the battery down excessively. Need to look after deep cycles if you want to make them last years. Gary
  3. I have seen this before and the issue was with power. It is almost certainly not a mechanical issue. To eliminate power attach a 12-13.8 volt, 5 amp power supply and try running the mount with that. I have seen Synscan mounts draw up to 3 amps when slewing - particularly when people tightened up the worm engagement too tight. Battery packs can measure the correct voltage but are often unable to supply sufficient current to run Synscan mounts (see if the voltage drops under load). (I use a 40amp hour deep cycle battery to run my HEQ5 - it does OK for ONE night.) This assumes that the mount is being initialized correctly and has the correct settings in the handbox. I have also seen issues when one of the connectors on the handbox cable has been pulled a bit too much - try re crimping the connectors. FWIW Gary
  4. Great stuff! Will be interested to see what ou think when it is under the sky.... cheers Gary
  5. Hi, thanks for the nice comments - I actually love Halpha images, they seem to have a depth that color images miss - plus they are easier to process! Here's a link to the full size image - less jpg artifacts.: https://www.dropbox.com/s/imv69yl9h51bbml/ha tarantulajpg.jpg?dl=0 cheers Gary
  6. 18 x 10 minutes QHY9S Esprit 100mm refractor on Mesu 200 mount Baader 7nm HA filter Darks, Flats, flat darks Stacked in Astropixel Processor Tweaked in Pixinsight Bortle 9 skies, 11 and 12 Dec 2018, Geelong, Australia cheers Gary
  7. Hi, have just built a motor focuser that is Moonlight compatible for very little money. Details here: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/594658-pnp-focus-the-simplest-ever-arduino-focus-controller/ Works a treat using either unipolar OR bipolar steppers. The motors I use cost $3 each ? .Works so well I'm building another one for my portable scope. Simply stack arduino shields..... Hope this helps Gary
  8. Hi, I've built a rotator - easy using a Takahashi CAA as the basis for my Esprit 100mm . See: http://www.scopefocus.info/home/rotator Arduino based, free firmware and free Ascom driver. Works perfectly in SGP. Cost me $325Aus to build. Comparable commercial unit $2.5K. Kevin the designer is a really nice helpful guy. Even designed a large ring pulley for me to 3d print. Hope this helps Gary
  9. I have one, best scope I've ever owned, as good as a TSA120 I owned previously. Flattener works well over the full size of my ASI071 MC Pro. Can get close to F4 with a Riccardi reducer - see: http://photonenfangen.de/instruments/skywatcher-esprit-100-ed/ Has some nice images there... Gary
  10. As would I in a heartbeat! I also wonder if it's worth an extra 4 and a half thousand quid to get rid of diffraction spikes !!! Gary
  11. after looking at lots of the images in this thread, as well as my own test, I have to say who needs an FSQ106? ? Gary
  12. PM'd you a Dropbox link to a calibrated only fits file - let me know what you think cheers Gary
  13. Only an IR blocker...used Astropixel Processor for stacking and PI for processing - used ABE in PI to remove gradients - did a great job, other wise it was only stretched. No sharpening at all - the wavelet stuff in PI smoothed background , but reduced detail so I didn't use it in the final image. My skies suck - I'm 1.5km from the Central Business District of a city of 250K + people, I can only image in the East which looks directly over the central city. I have nights where I can barely see 6-8 stars ? This was a test of whether I could image with OSC here, as well as a test of the 130PDS..... Gary
  14. Tarantula 249x60 sec lights, Bias, Flats, no Darks ASI071MC Pro 130PDS/Skywatcher .9x Coma Corrector Bortle 9 Zone (Red Zone), 1/4 Moon cheers Gary
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