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  1. I never did resolve it. I thought I had, but I was mistaken. Ultimately I returned the unit to the vendor for a full refund. The Starsense worked for pointing using the Celestron unified driver/Ascom, but I was never able to guide. PHD logs showed that PHD was sending correct commands to the mount, but it was not responding. If I remember correctly, the initial pulse setting in PHD was 800ms, the mount would not respond. I did get the mount to move manually using both 200 and 100ms pulses (using manual guide in PHD), but the mount would not complete calibration. It looked like the electronics
  2. There is a nice 3d printable field rotator here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4399875 cheers Gary
  3. I'm only using the Starsense camera itself for alignment, I have a seperate guidescope fitted with an ASI224. The hand controller is the Starsense Handcontroler, hooked up to a PC with a USB cable. I'm trying to pulse guide using PHD connected to the ASI224, and the Starsense hand control via the Celestron Ascom driver. The camera and mount connect to PHD, but when PHD issues calibration commands, the mount does not move...... cheers Gary
  4. Thanks, but the driver is loaded. All other functions work via pc as they should, guiding doesn't though.. Gary
  5. Hi, I purchased a Starsense for Skywatcher a couple of months ago and have it connected connected to an HEQ5 Pro mount. Everything seems to work correctly except for two issues which may be related: When the Hand controller is first turned on, the autoguiding rates in the controller are both %00 I set them to %50, however this setting is not saved upon powering off and then on again, and has to be set each power up. Note that in the hand controller the rates are shown as %50, not 50%, not sure if the per cent sign should be first? The mount will connect to PHD2, but w
  6. Hi, wondering if anyone has built a small obs for a wedge mounted SCT (mine is a CPC925). Looking at space only for me as visual observer, and mostly the scope will often be used remotely for imaging. Space available is very tight, perhaps 5 feet wide, length a bit more . Ideas? Really, really want a permanent setup! Links would be helpful as well if you know of any small obs...Have seen a couple at Sky and Telescope, but looking for more suggestions... cheers Gary
  7. Hi had a disastrous night last night with my Rowan belt modded HEQ5. This is in no way the fault of the Rowan mod, but entirely my fault in installation. The mount had been working superbly for a couple of years, but the last couple of nights out, I found guiding was pretty bad, It looked like cable drag - sudden jumps in ra, then last night (incidentally the best night for 3 months for imaging) it became hard to get accurate slews, and guiding was impossible. OK, it's 1 am on a great night, the penny drops. Check the mount, off with the side cover... &%&^%&%^ the motor had slipp
  8. Found this on Thingiverse and printed one. Cover for the back of the mirror - a little more elegant than the shower cap I used to use: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3476080 There's also a Bahtinov mask for it her: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3514044 cheers Gary
  9. Thanks, won't be a heavy camera, just an ASI071MC Pro one shot color,so about the same as a DSLR. Based on your experience I'll at least try it and see! cheers Gary
  10. Hi, a while since I have posted due to health issues (heart). Due to a weakened state I have sold off a lot of my gear (Mesu 200, 12" f5 newt Esprit 100, QHY9 etc) since I did not have the strength to use it - getting old really sucks. I kept my Heq5. I also have an 8" f5 dob fitted with an Argo Navis DSC. Unfortunately a friend offered me an Esprit 120 at a price so low I could not refuse it. I have tried it on the HEQ5, and when well balanced it damps in a few seconds. Does anyone have any idea how much better the HEQ5 would be on a permanent pier (I have a 250mm diameter x 10
  11. - 1 for SGP. I, and many others have had issues with SGP's focus routine. There have been many requests for the developers to improve it, but these are routinely ignored. Just last week I lost several hours worth of images - during a routine refocusing during a sequence whilst I was napping, it screwed up the focus and then continued imaging, "refocusing" several times over a number of hours. Each time the "focus" was massively out. SGP is also inclined to crash (I am not the only one to experience this) randomly. I am currently looking at replacing it with CCDCiel (free): https://www.ap-
  12. I used to use one too, but found that on a cold night things got iffy after 4 hours or so of viewing. The 40amp hour allows me to go literally all night (if I travel 3 hours to a dark sky sight, I'm gonna use ever minute of the night!!!) and not run the battery down excessively. Need to look after deep cycles if you want to make them last years. Gary
  13. I have seen this before and the issue was with power. It is almost certainly not a mechanical issue. To eliminate power attach a 12-13.8 volt, 5 amp power supply and try running the mount with that. I have seen Synscan mounts draw up to 3 amps when slewing - particularly when people tightened up the worm engagement too tight. Battery packs can measure the correct voltage but are often unable to supply sufficient current to run Synscan mounts (see if the voltage drops under load). (I use a 40amp hour deep cycle battery to run my HEQ5 - it does OK for ONE night.) This assumes that the mount is
  14. Great stuff! Will be interested to see what ou think when it is under the sky.... cheers Gary
  15. Hi, thanks for the nice comments - I actually love Halpha images, they seem to have a depth that color images miss - plus they are easier to process! Here's a link to the full size image - less jpg artifacts.: https://www.dropbox.com/s/imv69yl9h51bbml/ha tarantulajpg.jpg?dl=0 cheers Gary
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