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  1. Oh no, not the knitted swimming trunks again!
  2. Oh no, was it wet when you all packed your tents away? What a shame. And Tony, your gaff ain't looking so palatial now buddy...
  3. JonH

    My thanks to you all....

    A huge thanks from me as well to Daz and the rest of the team for another very enjoyable star party. Who would have thought that spending four days sleeping in a grubby tent in a damp field in Herefordshire could be so much fun. Also special mentions for : Mrs MikeP for the almond slices. Mark and John for showing me my first supernova. It was a real treat to spend time with this pair of human goto's as they effortlessly flitted around the sky before the clouds rolled in. Just magic. Peter (Psychobilly) for modelling this year's latest designer ewok all-in-ones in broad daylight. I blame his sidekick, a dodgy-looking character with a very small camera and big lens. Keiran and MickD for telling me where to stick a can of lager when cooking a chicken. And finally Steve (Swampthing) for giving me somewhere to kip for my last night. Sadly I never had the opportunity to look through his big dob but at least I got to sleep with it! Looking forward to catching up with you all again next year.
  4. Thanks Bob. Blue skies can be tricky and often suffer with areas of posterisation (ugly blotches) and/or excessive noise with heavy photoshopping techniques. In other words, it's easy to over-cook them. If you fancy posting a reasonably sized file of the original, I'll happily have a go at it. It's a cool shot and well worth a little messing about in PS.
  5. I really like it Bob but wonder if you could've increased the contrast without the blotchiness. Is it heavily cropped? It's certainly sharp enough.
  6. I have a musician's stool that looks like this. Can't remember where i bought it, but it wasn't expensive - about 40 quid.
  7. Second time for me but it looks like I should've got out a little earlier instead of watching Crufts on the box.
  8. The Lunar X is visible now!
  9. Looks like you knocked the scope or mount.
  10. I think this is a very good first attempt so well done. It's good that you've included a little foreground in the last pic, but it's not very interesting. Try including objects like trees, church steeples, chimney stacks, electrical pylons or basically anything that looks good in silhouette. To crank the creatively up another notch, have a go at painting the foreground with light from a torch during the exposure. A simple but very effective technique to put your own stamp on your photos. Here's one of mine that was 'painted' with a red torch: http://www.jonhicksphoto.co.uk/photo_10988608.html Check out Stewart's (saturn5) wide-field posts on here: lot's of cool shots using foregrounds and painting with light to inspire you.
  11. It was a beautiful sight through the bins this morning, a great start to the day.
  12. + 1 Last December I tripped over while carrying my 5D3 + heavy 17tse lens in the middle of a Christmas market shoot. As I went down like a sack of spuds (very uncool), I hurled the gear about 6 feet on to concrete slabs. I felt like a right berk, but the camera and, unbelievably the lens too, survived with just a few scuffs to the body and lens barrel. I've always been happy with this camera, but I like it even more now I know that it can take a little bit of punishment. Highly recommended.
  13. No worries, I'll just send the hotshots section,
  14. Hi Jarrod, I can scan it for you but it would be far better just to send it. I've read the mag and you're welcome to it. PM me your address and I'll pop it in the post.
  15. Nice one Stewart, Orion, Sirius and Jupiter look fantastic framed by the light polluted clouds. Also good lighting on the foreground. Beautiful shot!
  16. Stunning shot Stewart, loving the way you've lit the foreground. Also congratulations for getting on Stargazing Live twice.
  17. Looks like you and your mate had a great trip. Cracking set of pics, like 'em all.
  18. You guys have got a fanatic location up there and glad to see you making the most of it. Great shots.
  19. What a great way to finish off an all-nighter. Beautiful shot Stewart.
  20. The full moon rising is my favourite but I really like them all. Wonderful set Werner, thanks for posting.
  21. Your shot looks great in the mag, congratulations from me too!
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