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  1. If you want to do quick focusing testing which I assembled scope for the first time 1) If you have bigger room size put your telescope at the other end of the room 2) On small piece draw a 10 cm rectangle or square on plane paper write couple of lines with height not more than 5-10 mm inside circle or square 3) Stick the paper on plain wall and distance between telescope and wall should be 3 to 4 meter 4) From finder scope try to focus on circle or square and gradually try to find text you have written This technique is useful to find whether your scope is assembled properly and can do basic focusing
  2. re: Collimation technique on the main mirror I don't see marking for center of the mirror as shown in youtube video of collimation
  3. I tried to use is in daytime to focus on distant hills & buildings approx. 5 km away it was able to focus correctly. Now while adjusting main reflecting mirror at bottom of telescope not able to align it properly or focus. Also tried another approach at dark night time from the Eyepiece put up torch light from eyepiece to check normal alignment and was able to see good beam of light coming out from open end of the Telescope
  4. Hi, Recently I purchased PowerSeeker 127EQ , I'm having difficulty in focusing and collimation when I try to focus on Jupiter. any help highly appreciated I'm a beginner to astronomy just few weeks into this hobby Here are some pictures I tried to get
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