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  1. Anyone know what the firmware version is as of november 2013 for the synguider? I cannot see anything about new firmware for the synguider on the skywatcher website support. Anyone managed to upgrade their synguiders firmware?
  2. Jane the 3 grub screws on my cg5 polarscope are recessed down into their respective threaded holes, buy a cheap allen key set and one of the small allen keys will fit the 3 grub screws so you should be able to turn the 3 grub screws so they don't protrude from their holes and block removing the rings in front of the blank dial.Hope I got that right. Be careful if you remove the 3 grubs screws as the polar lens with the polaris etching on may fall out if you take the focus eyepiece out.
  3. Does anyone with a celestron VX mount know what is on the CD disc that is with the manual when you buy one of these VX mounts? Thanks
  4. Here is a photo of a Meade SWA 40mm Extremely Huge!
  5. Thanks for the link I will give them a try, cheers
  6. Hi any self build astro buffs help me out, I need a lathe machinist to do a simple job so I can fit a refractor on a nexstar 5i tube. Does anyone know of a machinist who does astro jobs in wales or north england? cheers
  7. Hi hope you come back to answer this for me, or anyone else who uses a samsung SCB2000 cctv camera, please can you tell me the type and model of Maplin power supply you use to power your SCB2000, does it have the spade connectors on the maplin PSU that slide under the 2 screws on the back of the SCB2000? Or did you have to cut off and stip the maplin psu power plug if it was a 2.1mm male plug like on most other main 240AC to 12v DC psu units? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Some one on the well known auction site UK version bought a used William Optics FLT 98 non DDG version only 2 years old for wait for it £700!! It had the white rings and case and looked mint. The DDG version are £1780 new. I was watching this sale to see what it went for, only ONE bidder whole time he/she got it for a GOOD deal. I was really thinking of trying for it but it was pickup only and miles from me! oh well. Just wanted to share.
  9. The OP link to Maolin the dongle is nolonger sold says Discontinued!! I found another USB GPS Dongle at Maplins here is the link USB GPS Dongle : USB : Maplin Does anyone know if this GPS Dongle will also work ok like the OP's ? It is reduced by £10 aswell to £19.99 right now. Anyone using one of this type? cheers
  10. Any update on how this went for you? I'm sure anyone on stargazers lounge would like to know what you made and how for your webcam mods? Thanks
  11. Distance selling law only applies on ebay if your selling under an ebay bussiness account and you are VAT registered.. If selling as a private individual on a non-biz ebay account you can offer returns or not offer returns, most private sellers do offer returns to give good service to buyers. Refunds to buyers have to include original postage costs weather selling under ebay biz or non-biz account. Pretty sure of that. Totally off topic thou!
  12. Sorry librayman, I really do not know if it will fit a Vixen 102s.
  13. The focal length of the skywatcher 80ED DS Pro & the 120ED DS Pro are both F7.5 Has anyone got both a skywatcher 120ED & 80ED which they have successfully swapped focal reducers on? And it worked ok?
  14. Hi Pete thanks for the reply. Do you know if the Skywatcher 80ED DS Pro focal reducer will work on the skywatcher 120ED DS Pro and vica versa Pete?
  15. I have been using a canon 500D for past few months, it was the first DLSR camera I ever owned, so this is beginners advice here, but I find the 500D to be an amazing camera, the dark noise is very low, when I shoot a star photo at 1600 iso for say 25 seconds I will only be able to find about 5 hot pixels in the photo and that is really searching for them using the zoom in feature. Plus the 500D really pulls in the data it has really amazed me how good it is. Plus well looked after used 500D's will come onto the market as people upgrade. My 500D was secondhand and it was like new. Hope I've helped a little
  16. Hi will the ( USA ) Orion 120ED Focal Reducer work ok with the Skywatcher ED120 DS Pro telescope? Both the Orion & Skywatcher focal reducers look the same, same colour grey / black. Thanks for any help!
  17. Thanks for the help. I am having a really difficult time finding the correct countersunk screws like the ones in the top of the skywatcher rings. All the ones on ebay seem to be hex allen key fitting heads which are no good for the top ring holes on skywatcher tube rings. I had a look at that site link you gave steppenwolf but no countersunk on there.
  18. Thanks Astroblagger, I looked at the link you gave, are you 100% sure the thread pitch & spacing is correct on that link you gave?
  19. Thanks Gareth, Do you know anywhere in the UK , that sell the exact same bolts that skywatcher put into the top of their tube rings? Thanks
  20. What does the 1/4" mean please? and what does the 20 mean please?
  21. Hi does anyone know where in the UK someone can buy the correct type of bolt that goes into the top of the Skywatcher tube rings? Does anyone know the thread pitch / spacing of the bolts that are in the top of the skywatcher tube rings? I bought some M6 CSK Allen head bolts A2 stainless steel from ebay but they donot fit into the top of the tube rings, the thread pitch is too fine for the hole on the top of the tube ring so they will not fit. Are the bolts in the top of the skywatcher rings in metric or imperial size? Thanks for any advice.
  22. I think the thread size on the skywatcher ED80 DS focuser tube male thread is 56mm. The Baader 2 Inch ClickLock Clamp M56 Item no. 2956256 £63.00 on the David Hinds website looks like the correct fitting? Or have I got it wrong?
  23. Hi Rich, yes your right the packing does need a serious upgrade. Ian King did put an extra thick cardboard box around the manufactuers box but even then the courior really threw it around.If the outer box hadn,t been there the courior would have totally destroyed it.(Not an over-estimation). I would just like to make it very clear I donot blame Ian King Imaging for anything they are at the mercy of the courior.I need to buy a mount & some other small parts sometime soon and will probably buy from Ian King. What amazed me was the manufactuer didn,t even wrap the tube in bubble wrap, just a plastic bag and loose foam cut inserts. I guess I got unlucky. I,m really happy to see the others on here who had theirs delivered were all intact and safe. Rich, I have been lucky enough to buy a (Used) Skywatcher ED80 the black tube/cream focuser type, I bought it as used from someone on Astronomy Buy Sell UK website. I,m sure alot of others saw the same advert on there.It had a skywatcher gold finder. I,ll post a pic for you when I get a chance next week. How is everything with your focuser now? Is it all ok and working smoothly for you? Have you had a chance to get all backup and imaging? Good luck with it!!
  24. **No replacements were available.** ************************************ As this wasn,t the original theme of Rich's original thread and there's a chance of going off topic I,m going to leave things as they are.. Nice Orion scope pics Andrew.
  25. Just to keep you updated. I am returning the Ikharus for a refund. I was going to just get a replacement focuser unit put on but I feel I can,t trust this anymore, it could just go from bad to even worse. After seeing other buyers who also had their scopes delivered on Tuesday did not have the amount of dust inside their new Ikharus scopes that was on the inside lense of the one I received,plus the damage to the focuser on the scope I received,which could have happened anytime from leaving the factory in china I feel I shouldn,t have to accept a scope in this condition,also I can have collimation trouble and/or focusing trouble further on down the road. I,m really gutted to tell you the truth, saved for months to buy very first refractor, and at £575 this was the only decent model I could afford. Anyway that it for me. Good luck to everyone.
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