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  1. Hi Dave , many thanks for that.. in my case I was using a ZWO Manual filter Wheel, so mechanically I don't think I could go wrong. Also.. I distinctly remember the Live view of Mars changing in FireCapture in terms of Brightness/Detail when I switched filters. The unprocessed SER movie capture files look distinctly different in terms of brightness/detail when I view them in SER Player, especially the R, L and IR-PASS Captures. Good suggestion on testing with a Dummy Target, I could use a terrestrial Target in daytime to sanity check it. Cheers, Neil
  2. Hi again, @Davey-T, @Chrb1985 - Many thanks to you both for your postprocessing efforts on the RGB Files. It is greatly Appreciated! I thought I was getting a very faint washed out red colour when I tried processing with WinJupos, also I recently tried with GIMP using the Layered Channel Approach but the result is the same - very faint colour. I was initially thinking that I neglected to change filter between RGB Capture runs like Chrb1985 Suggested, but I know I did as I was consistently checking current Filter Number, Focus and histogram each time. Also I did 2 separate RGB Im
  3. Hello everyone.. I grabbed some Mono shots of Mars back on the 29/09 through LRGB Filters and I finally got around to processing them yesterday. However the issue I'm seeing is that there is effectively zero colour coming through after the individual channels are Stacked and RGB combined. Camera Used was a DMK21AU618 via Firecapture v2.6 @ 60fps Video files saved in SER format. Scope is Meade lx200 7" MAK, 2.5X Powermate. FL 6950mm Baader LRGB and IR-PASS Filters. Seeing was Average. Files were processed as follows. SER for Each Channel Croppe
  4. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to try the Skywatcher f4 Aplantic CC out yet? I am particularly interested to know if anyone has tried it, and experienced any internal reflection artifacts (donuts) that are prevalent when imaging bright stars with a CC in the Optical Train. I have a Skywatcher Quattro 8s which I use with a TS Coma Corrector (Exact Same as the standard Skywatcher model from what I can tell) and I get a Donut reflection which is attributed to the CC i.e. remove the CC and it dissapears. Perhaps the FPL51 ED Glass in the new Aplantic version, cuts down on stra
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